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help needed- ear hair
by Zee
help needed- ear hairI would like to know when you can remove hair from a puppy's ears. New little Trinkette Belle has so much hair in her ears now, it is amazing. She is going on 14 weeks old. She is still very sensitive when you are brushing her. I never had this trouble with my other maltese, their ear hair did not grow so thick this early. It makes ear cleaning nearly impossible.


I don't know if the age matters, but just to be safe, ask the vet when you take her for the next puppy shots (should be in two weeks right?). I've been lucky with Puff, he gets very little hair in his ears and it only needed to be plucked a few times (he also hardly ever gets ear infections and I think keeping the hair out really helps).

Zee: I'd want it out immediately. Try pulling a little at a time so not to upset her too much. I noticed ear hair before the first Vet visit and asked him to do the honors for me. If it gets wet it can cause infection so it is important to keep the area clean of hair. I got one of those pullers like the Vet uses, and have only used it a few times. I'm afraid of hurting them. Mostly I use my figures and they are sore after a good pulling section, especially if I do them both the same day. KoKo fusses more than Shayna but it is a must to remove and they are getting better about it.
Zee- all Maltese have hair that grows inside the ears. If it is not removed, dirt and wax can get trapped resulting in ear infections or worse. I use tweezers to pluck it out about every 4 to 6 weeks. The hair is shallowly rooted, so it is not painful. Your Maltese has so much though, that I would do it every day by just plucking a few at a time, Rub Trinkitte's ears and tell her she is a good girl. After all of the hair is removed, then go monthly. My vet tech uses her fingers to pluck the hair out if you are squeamish about tweezers. Hemostats work well, too. They are kind of like tweezers except that they are longer.
April B.
Zee ! I start my babies as early as 8 weeks, you need to get Ear Powder, puff a squeeze into the ear, it makes the hair gritty and is easier for you to manipulate, get a rounded tweezer that looks like scissors(2 handles) and pull, this should be done at least once a month, twice better ! I then use Oti-Cleans and wash out, dry with cotton ball! Good luck !
Zee, I would not pull the hair out without using ear powder first, it really helps. I use my fingers, but I have small fingers and medium nails, so its easier. Just take small amounts at a time. The best way to tell if there is infection or anything starting in the ear is with your nose. This may sound gross, but sniff that little ear often. You will notice a bad odor if any problems are starting! Good luck!!
Robin K.
Thanks everyone for your help. Baby Trinkette Belle is now without ear hair! Pink little shells of ears are now in the place of gross yellow and white mats of hair. She smells good and all is well...no infection. I was just afraid she was too little. She never complained at all. I told her she was a good puppy and that made her even happier! Thanks again.
Great job Zee! Now I have to do this....wanna come over and do Busters?
Libby & Buster

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