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Popular Diagnosis
by Beverly
Popular DiagnosisLast Night, our Cuddles was having a terrible coughing fit. We gave her some cough medicine (for dogs), that was able to calm her. When we took her to our vet (who is wonderful) this morning, he checked her out and diagnosed it as bronchitis. He did not run any tests, but based his diagnosis on "It's been going around alot lately." He proceeded to send us home with some antibiotics and cough medicine.

Does anyone else have bad experiences with diagnoses based on the "Sickness of the Day". I know that these symptoms are vague, but we would appreciate any useful advice on bronchitis in dogs as well, since we do not want it to spread to our other babies.


Bev, do I remember you live in FL too? KoKo started this coughing and having trouble breathing, (reverse sneezing) 2 nights ago. She never has done this before. We just got back from the Keys and I wonder if she picked up something there. She's eating like a horse, so I don't think her throat is sore. As far as "Illness of the Day", can't say that my Vet is guilty of that. We think the world of him. He was just wonderful with Shayna for her surgery and her tummy problem afterward. If KoKo continues this night time deal, I'll have him look at her, but I am having a terrible time with Allergies and I wonder if she is too.

I think vets are more prone to this "illness of the day" mentality, because many people balk at the large bills for tests when it's something common and easily treated by antibiotics. Human doctors do this too sometimes. I can't tell you how many times my doctor has said "well, it's flu season" or "that nasty cold-bug has been floating around". After you've heard a lot of bronchitis (in dogs or people), you get a feel for the sound of it and looking/listening to the symptoms can lead you to a fairly confident diagnosis. The only really bad thing that could happen that comes to mind is that unnecessary antibiotic use can make you susceptible to resistent bacteria. But this is only one course of antibiotics, not a recurring problem, so it's probably not applicable here. Usually they don't do any harm and have a good chance of helping. If her symptoms get worse, or don't clear up shortly, then of course you should bring her back for more tests. If you don't feel confident in your vet's diagnosis, then you should get a second opinion.
Hi Shelley! No, I am not from Fl, but from TX. I wondered if Cuddles might have allergies also: it is her first spring in TX after being in the MO puppy mill; I grabbed some different laundry detergent at the grocery store, and have begun using Fosters and Smith's Dog-tergent. So, there are a number of things she could have been reacting to. I guess I was just a little surprised to hear that "yes, she might have allergies" but I am going to treat for Bronchitas because we have seen a lot lately. ??? Part of the rational was to protect the others at home, so I appreciated that. Yet, he said that if she were an only dog, he might not do anything but send her home...I am not sure if he meant to monitor symptoms or what. We are in his office so much and I ask so many questions that I hated to ask him to explain the rational. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it. Give Shayna and KoKo a doggie kiss from the gang here in TX! Hope KoKo gets better real soon!

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