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bark a lot?
by Allison B
bark a lot? I have been thinking about getting a Maltese, but I have heard that they bark a lot. Is this true? I live in an apartment and work full time and don't want her to bark all day while I am at work. Will this be a problem with this breed? Also, I already have a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel and am wondering how they will react to each other.


My Phoebe only barks when someone knocks at the door or she is startled. We also live in an apartment and she is not at all yappy.
Leslie R.

Does this person have a Maltese? I've never had a problem with Lalita barking constantly. The only time she barks is when she meets another dog, and that's just a 'greeting' bark. My friend also has a maltese (Snow)and she does not have that problem either. I live in an apartment also and my next door neighbor is retired and she told me the only time she hears Lalita bark is when someone is coming to see me, and once they come inside she stops. As far as introducing the maltese to your Cocker Spaniel. I would do it gradually. Try to visit the breeder before you buy the maltese and take something that has the little babies scent on it. I did this when I introduced Lalita to my three year old cat (Veba) and this worked out great. Also, after you bring the puppy home try not to spend all the time with the maltese and let the older dog know that it is not being replaced by giving the dog a lot of love and attention. I did this upon the suggestion of my Vet and my Breeder, and Veba accepted Lalita after around 3-4 days. I was suprised because Veba does not like ANY ANIMALS but she sure does love her 'little sis'. They are now inseperable! I hope this helps
Opal, Veba & Lalita
I have not had a problem with my Buster barking at all. He will bark if someone knocks at the door or when I am playing with him sometimes but other than that he's a very quiet little guy. As far as them getting along with another dog, again my Buster does great! He loves my sisters Toy Collie and he loves my other sisters Big Chow. They get along fine. I don't think there will be a problem. Good luck in whatever you choose.
Libby & Buster
I have a male Maltese one year old. He hardly ever barks. If I have heard him bark 10 times its a lot. When you first get him set the rules. If he starts barking let him know that you don't like it. They are the most loveable little creatures and really want to please you. You will have to spend time training him. This breedneeds care, you will have to brush and comb him. But, he will give you pleanty of love.
Well, I have to admit that Taffy has become quite a little barker. It's only when she sees someone or a car pulls up. Unfortunately, thats a lot around here! Our gift shop is a separate building, but it's about 20 feet from our house, so she sits in the chair by the window and barks at every customer. I have tried everything and it does not phase her one bit. I realise that she is being a good little watchdog, but I don't need that! I really think that they are not yappy dogs, but it depends on the conditions. Other times she is quiet and does not bark at night unless there is REALLY something to bark about.
Robin K.
Sigh, once again I must malign the character of the seemingly perfect Puff. He had a barking problem -- howling and barking actually. It was likely separation anxiety, and occured at about two-years-old when we had some schedule changes (also coincided with his housebreaking regression and chewing problem). More schedule changes, new toys, and going back to some basic housebreaking techniques solved it for us. We also enlisted the help of our very kind tennant who was willing to spend time with him when we weren't able. It may be easier with another dog in the house as hopefully they will be company for each other. If you work a lot, a young puppy is probably not a good idea. You may want to consider an adult (try a Maltese rescue association) as you will better be able to judge the temperment and possible problems than with a puppy. I hope you enjoy the new pet either way! Maltese are the best really!
Allison, I was out of town so I am posting this late but I hope you are still reading responses. I, too, have a sweet little Maltese that is not a barker. And most Maltese love people and other animals. However, I would be more concerned how your Cocker Spaniel treated your new Maltese puppy that the other way around. You need to be absolutely sure no harm would come to your new puppy. You need to be sure you can provide the proper supervision and do whatever else it takes to insure the safety of the new puppy. Does the dog you have now seem to like other dogs? Do you think he/she could accept a little brother or sister?
Sandee M.
I have a maltese -Princess-who yips when she seesme get dressed because she wants to go with me. I take her to the office with me alot, but it is hard to get her to stop barking and stay still long enough to put on her harness and leash. Any ideas how to control this?

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