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Rudy's getting tutored!
by Marie
Rudy's getting tutored!Rudy Tutti Fresh 'n Fruity is getting neutered on Friday. We're telling him he's getting "tutored" so he won't get scared. He runs rings around Baxter singing, "Ha, ha, I'm getting tutored and you're not, ha ha." Baxter just smiles and winks at us. Really, my wonderful maltese friends, I'm a total wreck inside and cannot wait for it to be OVER. I'm not going to work that day so I can hold him till the last minute and pick him up the instant they allow me back. Unfortunately, I cataloged each awful experience anyone has ever reported and tucked it away in my mind. Every once in awhile one will surface when least expected and my stomach starts to churn. Anyone else out there going through this, too?


Hi Marie! I love that nickname you have for Rudy. Neutering, or, "Tutoring"(sorry Rudy) is a very scary thing for our babies and for us to go through. I'm sure your Rudy will be 1000% fine! I will keep you and Rudy in my prayers. Take Care!

Every single time my pets has surgery I'm a wreck. I try to keep busy and think of other things, but usually, its a worse day for me than for them. So far, every one of my pets has been fine; I'm the one that needs the Valium! It is good to keep your sense of humor up. Let us know how he is doing -- I'm sure Rudy's tutoring will be educational for all (sorry, couldn't resist!).
Hi Marie,I can totally relate to you. Baby will be spayed on Monday 3/30 8:00 a.m.I've been through the neutering with Pepper and he did fine. I'm just hoping that Baby will recover as quickly. Good luck with Rudy and let us know how he does.
Having just had Phoebe spayed - I know how you feel! Neutering is a simpler procedure than spaying, but still we worry about our babies. Phoebe had to stay overnight and when I brought her home the next afternoon she just wanted to sleep and be held. The next day it ws all I could do to keep her from jumping around as usual & I was supposed to keep her fairly calm for ten days! HA! Wishing Rudy and you all the best!
Leslie R.
Marie, I know how you feel. Thank goodness little Rudy doesn't know what is about to happen. I think you are the one who needs to take a deep breath! I bet he'll do fine. Noah was sleepy for a day or two from the anesthesia, but after that, one would ever know he had the surgery. He was up and around in no time and even participated in obedience class that week. Let us know how your baby does. Make sure your vet understands that he IS your baby. Mine laughs at me and I'm sure they talk about me behind my back, but I don't care.
April B.
I know exactly what you are going through Marie! I had my 'four pound fluffball' ,Lalita, spayed in February, and I was a nervous wreck the night before and the day I took her in for surgery. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know.) I would keep a watchful eye on Rudy the next few days after the surgery. Lalita & Veba send encouraging barks, meows and licks, and I hope everything goes fine. Let us know how everything turns out.
Opal, Lalita, & Veba
Marie, My Buster turns 8 months old tomorrow, 3/8/98 and I haven't had the guts to do it....Keep me posted! Good Luck. Licks and Wags from Buster to Rudy
Libby & Buster
Marie: Sorry but my girls got "Stayed" spayed. Rudy is so cute I used the greeting card thing several times this week and your babies were my choice. He will be fine. I know what you are feeling because 3 weeks ago Shayna had that eye surgery. It will be over before you know it. Try asking if you can hold him until he goes under. I held KoKo on New Years day when she had her emergy pencil removal from her teeth. I was all the Vet had. I worried about crying, but KoKo was so strong I had to fight her and had no time to cry. It all worked out just fine. We will be thinking about you tomorrow morning. Let us know how he is. Lots of sniffs, licks and tail wags from KoKo and Shayna
Hi Marie, If you have confidence in your Vet., and if you always heard good things about him, you shouldn't worry. It happens so quickly, your baby we'll be home in no time. My Taffy stayed there for 10 hours, when she came home, she was quiet. (which is unusual for Taffy) She laid on the couch until we took her to bed. She rubbed her backside when she did potty, probably her stiches bothered her, but they healed beautifully. Can't even tell she had it done. Your dog probably will want to be left alone to sleep for about a day. Have confidence, and don't worry!!
Margaret & Taffy
I can't believe that I read your question today of all days! This morning I called and made Chrissy's "appointment." I almost cried. At lunch I came home and explained the procedure to her and reassured her, but really, I need to be reassured. I know exactly what you are going through. My coworkers are getting tired of listening to my concerns and fears for her, but I can't help it. I just keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong (I won't list them---I'm sure you know them.) It's comforting to know that someone out there is as worried about it as I am. I even called my mom and asked her how she handled it when I had surgery as a child. She didn't make fun of me or anything. She suggested lots of prayers, so that's what I'm doing. Really, I just can't wait for it to be over and for my baby to be safe and sound. Good Luck!!!
Jennifer & little Chrissy
You guys are so great! I thought I would check this site once before we went to bed and Jay posted the messages early - what a wonderful surprise! I read them all to my husband and we're all going to bed on a positive note. Thank you all so much. I'll read them all again (and again) tomorrow morning before we go. You're a great support group.
oh Marie you poor thing I know exactly what you are going through !!! and poor Rudy too !!! I know everything will be fine but we do worry about our babies. I bawled my eyes out when I took Gracie in and I know it wasnt good for her to see me so upset but I just couldnt help it. I hope you can be stronger than me when you look into your babies eyes and tell him everything will be ok. I also hope that you will fell better with all the Love and support from all of your Maltese friends. Licks from Gracie to Rudy and Baxter extra ones for Rudy !!
Well, it's 8:00 and all went well today. We picked Rudy up at 2:30 and he was still pretty much out of it. He even peed in his "sleep" and scared me half to death. We picked him up only a couple of hours after the operation so that explains why he was still so drugged. He has since woken up enough to eat his whole supper, stagger over to his papers to pee and try to get his "land legs" back. He was up for about an hour, wandering around like a drunken sailor. He's back on my lap sleeping again. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for the support. What a group. Jennifer, make sure you post before Chrissy goes in - the support from this group is such a help. Libby, I don't need to tell you the many advantages of getting this done early, but you'll do it when you (and Buster) are ready. Thanks, again, everyone. Marie (& Rudy)

P.S. Baxter was such the concerned big brother when we brought Rudy home - he's so special.

Rudy Update: 10:30 - he pooped, he played, he chewed a carrot bone! Marie
Marie: Thank Goodness everything went well. KoKo and Shayna send lots of licks and tail wags for Rudy, he is so adorable. Love to Baxter too, What a guy?
Marie, I am so glad things have gone well....Buster sends licks and wags to Rudy...says he's glad it was Rudy and not him! :)
Libby & Buster

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