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Dangerous anti-tick colar
by Tal
Dangerous anti-tick colar As an owner of a Maltese dog I want to worn you all from a new anti-tick colar named Killticks (of Bayer). The manufactor states it takes up to 7 days from the time you put it on the dog, to reach peak activity. The active ingredient (Propoxur) is not supposed to be absorbed, but it does!!! Our dog was poisoned 3 days following application and we were lucky to save him. Magor signs were convulsions, hypersalivation, pin-piont pupils and slow heart rate.Remember, Maltese skin is extremely sensitive. If it happens take him straight to the Vet (there is a treatment if you catch on time).


So glad you caught that in time!!!!! I think all collars like that are dangerous! My motto is, if YOU aren't suppose to touch it, then it does not belong on an animal. Any thing that tells me to wear gloves, or do not get on skin.....does not touch my dog. Great warning to others, glad you posted it!
Robin K.

Tal: Thank God you caught it on time. What a terrible thing to happen. I am glad you let us all know about this. Best wishes to your baby from KoKo and Shayna too.
Tal - I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience but also glad everything turned out OK. Thanks for the warning.
Robin D.
Tal! glad you posted @ flea collars..I personally would never use one ..or flea dip period..much too dangerous as you found out ! I use advantage or Bio,I buy it from Foster & Smith , seems to work really well it's cost effective and safe, except for brood bitches & stud's. Use only WATER SOLUABLE sprays, NEVER buy stuff off the grocery store shelves.
Renee H.
Oh God, Tal, thanx for sharing this with us! I am so glad your Malt is ok! What an experience to have to go thru.

I know how horrible this must have been for you. I had a similar experience with a spray many years ago. I'm glad you have warned others about this, and the symptoms are similar in reactions to other flea products, so the warning should apply to them too. Excessive salivation is usually the first sign people notice, so call the vet right away if you see it and bring the product with you. I'm so glad Tal's OK. Hopefully your vet can help you find a safe product to use, as ticks can cary several diseases and you want to keep them off as much as possible.
I'm happy to see my warning was useful. Just to let you all know that our "Mighty Mouse" is completely back to normal.

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