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new puppies personalities
New puppies personalities? I am getting 2 new maltese puppies , I visted them yesterday at 71/2 weeks of age and the one is running and playing while the other is for the most part lying in the corner of the box. They are both females, I am concerned that the one pup is too docile I don't mind if this is just her personality but I don't want anything to be physically wrong with her, she is the largest of a litter of 4. Anyone out there with similar experience with 2 pups being totally opposite?


Dear Rita, At 7 1/2 weeks it is difficult to judge temperments. This puppy could have a slower developing nervous system and may catch up by 12 weeks. Or, it could be sick. In my opinion Maltese are dependent longer on their mother and slower to mature than most breeds. You have a good eye and basic instinct to notice this retiring puppy. The Code of Ethics of the American Maltese Association forbids the placing of puppies in new homes prior to 12 weeks of age. This is for so the puppies can be totally weaned, have their shots and most health problems (although not all) and temperment problems can be detected by 12 weeks. One of the main reasons for visiting the breeder's home is to ensure that you do not impulse buy and get a chance relax and thoroughly check out the puppy(s) that you are going to spend the next 15 or so years of you life with. This is a big decision not to be taken lightly. For your basic instincts keeping in mind that these puppies are going to become family members and physically and mentally should fit into your lifestyle.

Good Luck!
Beverly B. Passe

Rita, you could have visited two hours later and viewed the same scene, only reverse the puppies. When we got our first maltese, we were supposed to be the first to pick our little boy out of three puppies. The puppies had reached 10 weeks and it was time to see them for the first time. When we got there, there was an older couple on the floor playing with all three. They had shown up two hours early and the puppies had been playing so hard with them that when we arrived, they were played out. The couple had decided to take two. That left us with the "leftover". And probably not the one I would have chosen because this little guy just wanted to crawl behind the crate and be alone. I couldn't seem to interest him in me or anything. All my anticipation had come down to this moment - I'm a little ashamed to say I was disappointed. After the other couple left, the breeder started pointing out to my untrained eye all the desirable traits my puppy had over the other two. She also had informed me that this was the puppy she would have recommended for us anyway. I got over it and went home that day with renewed anticipation. Baxter was two in January and he is just the most perfect dog in every way. Yes, he's big (10 lbs) and his hair is curly in areas, but he has the most beautiful face and is the most lovable creature I've ever encountered. His patience and gentleness with our new puppy has added a whole new dimension to him. Before I get totally carried away here, I just wanted to say that first impressions of puppies cannot a puppy make. If you still have doubts, ask the breeder if you can see them again. Good luck!
When I first saw Phoebe she was almost thirteen weeks old and there was another little girl from another litter that was thirteen weeks old. Phoebe sat there - the other puppy was all over the place and carrying on like crazy. However I took one look at Phoebe and fell head over heels in love. I had had a lengthy discussion with the breeder regarding the two personalities of the dogs. When I held Phoebe in my arms she just melted and snuggled in tight. When I held the other pup she was wiggly and squirmy. The next week I picked Phoebe up and the other pup had gone to her new home, Phoebe was nosing around gently and wagging her little tail. When I got her home she acted like she had been waiting for me all her life and her personality burst forth. She is still a major cuddler, but definitely a follower rather than a leader. Her overall demeanor is sweet, but she can get rambunctious when she wants to. She had simply been intimidated by the other puppy and older dogs. I do agree with Beverly that seven weeks is very young to see their personality in full form, and yes the play sessions can really tire one dog more than another. Do be sure that there is nothing wrong with the pup, but it could be a simple case of just being different.
Leslie R

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