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Bladder Control Problem
by Melissa
Bladder Control ProblemPlease help! Our 7 month old puppy is leaving streams of pee everywhere. Its as though he walks and pees at the same time. The problem has just gotten worse as he gets older. He even pees on us if holding him on the couch or bed. We have made a vet appt. to make sure nothing is wrong with his health and recently invested in a crate. I'm not sure if this will work though because it also involves crate training my fiancée to not free him. We love him more than ourselves and would like to have him paper trained. What is the best way to do this?


Melissa, what you're describing is not normal. It's good that you have an vet appointment. I hope it's soon. As for paper training, both our boys, Baxter (2 yrs) & Rudy (6 mos), are paper trained, but we did it using the crate. It's okay if your fiance let's him out, but you have to keep an eye on him every second to watch for the "signs" of an impending pee, sniffing, circling, etc. I suggest you read about paper training on the homepage of this website. I hope your little guy is okay. What's his name? Good luck and please keep us posted.

Melissa,I went through this with Buddy at about 8 months. I took him to the vet and he had a urinary infection and a fever. Poor little guy couldn't help himself from wetting every few minutes. The vet put him on antibiotics, and there was a noticeable difference in two days! Hope this helps.
Melissa, glad you made an appointment for he vet. It doesn't sound normal. I paper trained my Buster who is almost 8 mos old (this friday 3/27/98) I put him in the bathroom with his bed at night and some newspapers. He used them for a few weeks then started holding it all night. Of course I had to get up for that 4am take me outside call..Ha! During the day he is in our big master bathroom, again with his blanket, toys and newspapers. He used the papers again for a few weeks and now he is completely housetrained (of course I have jinxed myself by saying this). Good Luck!
Libby & Buster

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