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Maltese has sparse hair
by WAN C.
Matlese has sparse hairMy matlese is 9 months old. When she was still a puppy, she had dense hair on her body; however, recently my boyfriend and I investigated our maltese has sparse hair on her front legs. But I don't know why it is happened to her, cuz her health, personality, and .....everthing are excellent.

If anyone knows how to cure the sparse hair or what's the reason for sparse hair, I will be appreciated to listen your advice and opinion.


I think (breeders help me out here) that they go through a coat change around this age, and that may be what you are seeing. Hmm, I also remember reading somewhere that when females go into heat sometimes there are hair changes, could that be it? There are medical conditions which can cause the hair to fall out, and if there are any signs of illness, or if the hair is getting a patchy, moth-eaten look, or if there is itching or any skin changes, or larger areas of hair loss, take her to the vet. You should probably mention the change to the vet anyway on your next visit, just to make sure. Do you have her groomed? Some groomers can get a tad clipper happy with all that beautiful white hair to work with!

There may be some health reasons for this, so a visit to the vet is a good idea. However, your little one may be going through a coat change--that tends to happen when puppies start turning into big kids. If your vet finds no evidence of a health problem, you may find that in a few months the coat is back to normal.
cathy brown
Thank you for replying me, Aimee and cathy brown. I am so happy my problem is solved. I think my little maltese has a coat change; however, I still am not sure. So I think I need to check her hair for a long time. If she's still getting lesser and lesser hair on her front legs, then I will bring her to the vet.

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