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Carpet Stains
by Zee
Carpet StainsI have discovered something absolutely wonderful and economical to clean up dog stains of various types and the odors that accompany them! We have white carpeting all through our home and with four fur babies there has always been a problem with occasional accidents of different types. I have tried everything on the market, some of which are very expensive and nothing has worked. My solution is to mix a bottle of Shout Carpet Spot and Stain Remover with an equal amount of white vinegar. You can store in two different spray containers. When the accident occurs blot up what you can with a paper towel and spray the mixture on to the carpet . Spray enough to wet the carpet well and work the solution into the carpet with your fingers. You should get some foam on top the carpet. Let sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then rub with a dry rag and blot up remaining liquid with additional paper towels. You can repeat this if the stain is difficult. I have found that this really works and the dogs do not return to the area. The carpet store where we purchased our carpet suggested the Shout for various stains. I discovered that adding the vinegar removed and neutralized the odors.


Try this one out: www.planeturine.com many helpful hints too !

Be sure you DONOT use Shout stain remover that you use for clothing stains. Shout Carpet Spot and Stain Remover is a special product made especially for carpets! Zee
Holy cow! Planet Urine ! I honestly thought myself to be slightly jaded when it came to 'pet' focused web sites but this one is a new one on me! After I got done being amused I was pretty impressed with the info here that is especially important to people that are new to being owned by an animal. Even though it is a commercial site to sell thier products I found info there that was new and helpful to me.Everybody ought to consider book marking this one..if not for use now who knows what our little fur darlings may have up thier sometimes stinky and wet little sleeves! In the meantime when my little "monsters" have an "accident" I have found that blotting as much as possible up with a paper towel, then spraying with 'Resolve Pet Stain' carpet cleaner( and following the directions on that )and then dousing the area with 'Natures Miracle '(available at Petsmart) seems to do the trick on my light beige carpet here. Good luck everybody!

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