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Paper Trained
Paper TrainedI have two maltese that I have paper trained since they were puppies.(high rise apt) they are 2 & 3 yrs old. The first one faithfully uses the wee pad, never ever an accident. the other, uses the wee pad when the mood suits him, or better yet when he knows he's being watched. other wise, he marks his territory where ever...he even will wee wee next to the pad...any suggestions on how can reinforce "pee pee on the paper". it's hard to scold him, seeing i never-ever catch him doing his business where he's not suppose. smart too!


Let me guess, the problem child is the two-year-old? Did you crate train him when he was a puppy? It might be time for a "refresher" course. It only takes a week or so. If not in the crate, at least in an enclosed area. I had to retrain Baxter once. There's also a leash method you could use. I've never done it, but others here have used it successfully so I'll leave it to them to describe it. You also might want to get a puppy-john. Jay has their ad from time to time at the top of the discussion forum. I think it's also in the advertisements listed to the left on the home page. It's a plastic tray the size of an open newspaper. I have two paper trained males also, one 2 yrs and one 6 mos. This really helped with those times they ended up on the edge of the papers, half missing them. It has a one inch lip on it which helps them to "color inside the lines". However, if I had designed it, I might have made it a half or a whole inch taller to keep them inside when they're circling for a landing for a poop. My guys tend to be more focused on the circle and can sometimes wander outside the lip without realizing it. Hope this helps and good luck.

thanks for yr reply marie, yr right it's the little one, i do have him gated off during the day, just in the kitchen with the pee pee pad, to avoid him wondering about the house marking his territory. even in the kitchen he'll wee wee on his bed, or the cabinets ect. yes i tried to crate train him, however, he messed the crate #1 & #2 everyday for two weeks. funny thing is he goes in spurts, he'll be faithfull for a time & then i find his rements about the house. i never ever catch him in the act. cute & sneaky. i have tried taking him the spot where he messed, then saying in a sturn voice "on the paper" he runs to the paper with his ears down. so i think he understands.
It seems strange that he's soiling his bedding. How long at a time is he in the crate when he messes? Could he have an infection of some kind? You might check with the vet. Anne on this forum is a dog trainer - she might have some ideas. Good luck.

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