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by Dottie
Puppycut-ADORABLETasha will be 6mos. in 2 days. Her coat is beautiful, but it was constant brushing, so I had a groomer come in to puppycut her, BUT to my specifications {I'm a people hairdresser} What I had her to is shave her backside and tummy, up the neck to the head leaving her topknot, her ears goatee and whiskers, also did not have her cut the legs at all except for the paws. Leaving the legs uncut makes her look like she has pantaloons on. Not cutting the face or ears or topknot keeps the maltese look. She is soooooooo adorable, unbelievable. Now I just have to brush her legs, tail , whiskers and topknot with a barrett in it. Thought I'd pass this along to all you fur baby lovers.


Thanks for the description---I will take it to my groomer the next time we go. It really does sound adorable--do you have a picture in the maltese album??

Sounds adorable. Post a picture to the photo album.
Vannessa Cantrell
Dottie, it sounds really cute, but I would love to see it. Baxter's had a typical puppy-cut for a little over a year and I'm looking for a "new look". Why not send a picture to Jay to put in the photo album so we all could see?
Hi Dottie: Please post a picture of Tasha, she must look absolutely gorgeous, maybe I will give Kimba the same puppycut thanks for sharing. Martina

Dottie, Do you know how close they shaved the body? Sounds great.. Oliver is looking for a "New Do" for the Spring. Let's see a picture.
To all, Thanx for your input on the puppy cut, the more I see her the cuter she looks. I took some pictures{ not yet devolped} but I would like to send you all a picture for the album, but really don't know how to do it. Soooooooo, when I get the pictures devolped, let me know how to send it.I'll write down how to do it and maybe I can get it sent to youall. I'm kinda dumb on the computor!!!!
Hi Dottie! Don't feel bad-Im new to the computer too. We just went out and bought one last Christmas and I've never used one at my job either so I'm learning too. If you go to the homepage and get into the photo album, it will tell you exactly how to submit your photo. I think you can even send it to Jay and he'll get it on there for you. I've been meaning to get my 3 maltese girls photos on there. It seems pretty easy to do-even for us "newbies" to the computer. I also would love to see this puppy cut. I am looking for a new style for my girls as well. Take Care!
Sounds very cute, but I would also like to see a picture. I want to keep my maltese's hair short but still have a fluffy look.
Allison Brown
Dottie, if you don't have a scanner, you can just send a picture to Jay via good old USMail and he'll take care of everything else for getting it into the photo album.
Hi all, talked to my daughter, she has a scanner, so when the pictures are devolped I will get her to e-mail it to me and then pass it along. I think you'all will love this cut. QUESTION how will anyone know what page it's on??????? DUMB or what?
Dottie, have you been to the photo album? If you haven't, go to the home page and scroll down the subjects on the left till you come to the photo album. Go in there and you'll see all the instructions about getting the picture added to the album. I don't have a scanner either, but I had my sister-in-law scan Baxter & Rudy's picture and send it to me. I, in turn, forwarded it to Jay. Good luck! Marie

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