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Licking Everything
Licking EverythingI have two maltese the oldest (3 yrs) is a constent licker, he is either licking his paws, or licking my other malteses's face, or licking the woodwork, blankets, etc. i asked my vet and you said maybe it was a vitamin deficiency.( altho, he eats two square meals a day. so we put him on vitamins, and i don't see a change. anyone experience this problem?


Do an archive search if you want to read about how common a problem this is! If he's licking himself alot, you have to suspect allergies (especially if there are other signs). If it gets to the point where he is getting sores from it, consider an allergy specialist. As for licking blankets, rugs, other dogs, and the like, mostly it seems to be an odd habit that is fairly common, so if it's bothering you, correct him everytime he does it, and try spraying bitter apple or something nasty tasting on things you don't want him to lick (not on the other dog though!!). Puff's favorite licks are recently slept on pillows, and my mom's slippers (we suspect he likes the taste of the salt/sweat from our bodies). He has his own blanket which he never licks.

Thanks aimee, if it's nothing for me to be concerned about i'll just let him lick away, if it makes him happy. I read the archive but found they were addressing licking as a form of kissing, which i love !!! someone told me it may be because he's bored, any truth to that ? thanks again
Hi! You must have missed the great comparison we had a short time ago - we all compared the places our little guys loved to lick and the and mannerisms while licking. It was so funny i was hooting and couldn't stop!

Unless it is a skin problem - and not just "recreational-licking don't worry. Maltese lick; it's just one of the things I can count on from a happy doggie! (BTW - the item licked the most was sheets...!)bye!

Baxter licks furniture, pillows, blankets, carpets and a little of himself. Rudy licks me. He licks and licks and licks. See Rudy lick. If I get within five inches of him, that tongue automatically runs right out and he actually makes a little "suction" sound with each little lick. I try to let him tire on his own, but he just keeps licking. I'll never, ever stop loving those kisses, though, I don't care if it IS salt!
My Lalita does the same thing. She licks me and my cat Veba. My Vetinarian told she probally licks me for the salt, since she does not have a deficiency. Although, I prefer to think she licks me because she loves her mommie and 'big sis' so much.
Opal, Veba, & Lalita
I noticed my Chloe licking things and then rubbing her face on them. She is a very clean dog and I think she was wetting surfaces to rub her face on them. I started taking a wet paper towel to her face after each meal. She now stands and waits for me to clean her face after eating. She seemed to stop licking things -- except she gives me tons of kisses which is just fine by me. I also comb/brush her nightly and clean her eyes which she expects before going to bed as well. Such a sweet dog!
Annie, I thought I was the only one who cleaned my Busters face with a paper towel...Ha! He loves to wipe his face along the couch after he has drank water. Buster isn't a big licker but he does lick the sheets and bedspread. Sometimes the livingroom carpet, but only if I have put lotion on my feet and he likes to lick the lotion from where my feet have been. (and lick the lotion off me).
Libby & Buster

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