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Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that most of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinary medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.
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Eye Care
by April B.
Eye CareWith the spring and summer months fast approaching, we are spending more time outdoors with our little ones and with all the talk of eye problems, lately, I have a suggestion that should be helpful to us. Our babies are so low to the ground, that dust, pollen, and even tiny grass seeds can often get in the eyes as I have noticed that Noah is starting to tear more after taking him out. Everything is blooming where I am and we are beginning to see some pollen. I am using an eyewash to irrigate Noah's eyes which has helped enormously. I would check with your vets on this, but I believe an eyewash for humans is o.k. to use. I know most of the catalogs carry them, too.(Aimee?)Also, if your baby is not accustomed to letting you trim the eye hair, start now. I even trim the eyelashes. Keeping the hair trimmed around the eyes can also make a difference in the amount of tearing. I have found little hairs in Noah's eyes before, too. He now looks forward to the eyewash, because his eyes feel so much better afterwards. If any of you are taking your baby to the beach this summer, don't forget your eyewash and your little blunt tip scissors.


Good suggestions. I just wash with warm water and use a flea comb to keep the hair around them laying flat (helps to get rid of those nasty little eye-goobers too!), but as far as I know the eye washes are safe (many use them, give the vet a call if you want to make sure). In the past we used an eye rinse that the vet gave us when he was having some staining trouble, but that was ages ago and I can't remember the name(I think it just was a bit of saline solution really, adjusted to the proper pH for eyes). There are also "liquid tears" that are safe for dogs that would likely do the same thing (again, ask vet for recommendations!). Whatever safe product you use, washing the eyes is a good idea. We trim the face hair too, because it curls up into his eyes if we don't. When the hair grows back after trimming, the little stubblies can poke into the eyes, so if you trim you have to watch carefully. If the hair is nice and silky and doesn't get into the eyes, you can just keep it combed flat with a flea comb instead of trimming. Puff's brows are kept short, as we don't use a top knot, but those who do wouldn't need to cut this part.

April, what brand of eyewash do you use on Noah? I have noticed that Lalita has developed the same problem over the last few weeks.
Opal, Lalita & Veba
I'm interested in the kind of eye wash to use and do you use an eye dropper? Also I have followed the advice of using a mixture of water and medicinal strenth hydrogen peroxide around the eye and face area (not in the eye) to get rid of the tear stain. Now I notice that it seems to make the hair in that area dry and stiff. What am I doing wrong? BTW it has helped to diminish to tear stain.
Opal, I am using the Bausch & Lomb Eye Wash. It is a sterile saline solution that also contains boric acid and purified water. I bought it at the grocery store where they keep the contact lens stuff.
April B.
I use Collyrium, a people eyewash you can get at the big drug stores and supermarkets. I tried the Bausch & Lomb and it seemed to leave a residue.
Hi, this is my first time ever on-line. Can anyone help me with my little girl "MINDY" she is having trouble with her eyes tearing all the time. I took her to the vet to get her tear ducts flushed, that seemed to help for awhile now we are back to major tear stains. So does anyone have any suggestions for us.
Wanda: Check the archives on tearstaining, there is tons of information there.

Dorothy: Try a more dilute solution (more water, less peroxide). It's probably drying out the fur. A bit of a leave-in condition sprayed on a flea comb with excess shaken off may also help control the hair in that area.

Hi Marie, would you mind posting an ingredients list for Collyrium? I forgot to get some when I was in the US and it doesn't seem to be available in Australia, but maybe I can get something similar if I know the ingredients. Thanks!
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)
Deanna, welcome back! We missed you. I'll bet Moose and Squirrel were so so so happy to see you! First of all, Collyrium is made by Wyeth Laboratories in Philadelphia (a Wyeth-Ayerst Company). I mention that because sometimes companies manufacture the same stuff but call it something different in other countries. "Contents: A neutral borate solution that contains boric acid sodium borate, benzalkonium chloride, and water." Good luck.

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