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She looks awful at 3:18?
by Patti
She looks awful at 3:18?My little angel (1 year, 3 months) is going to the vet this morning, but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this. The last three mornings she has gotten me up at 3:15 - 3:20 am. I take her out and her bowels move immediately, and then she urinates. Then she vomits a little yellow stuff. She slept through the night fine until now. She's fine otherwise, but she looks so sick when we get up. She's been on the same food for months now, and if it were food, I would think she'd get sick after eating it. Any thoughts? I'm worried sick, she's my baby.....


You did'nt say what type of food you're feeding ? She could have gotten into something you may have dropped in the kitchen etc....? Good luck at the vet ! Have you tried "Pepto Bismol ?

Patti, I haven't had this problem but please keep us posted on how the vet visit goes....
Libby & Buster
All my four have had the same thing happen only not a 3 something in the A.M. The yellow material sounds like bile. I don't know when you feed her or how often but it sounds like some additional food in the evening might be necessary. Maltese tend to get hypoglycemic easily. It is good that you are taking her to the Vet. Let us know what your Vet says.
I hope she is better soon and the vet can give you some answers. I haven't seen dogs that have specific times when they are sick like that. The only things I can think (pure guessing mind you)of is maybe her last meal is not late enough in the day and she is feeling a bit woozy at that time, or some kind of acid reflux. I've never heard of this in dogs, but in people it is like heart burn that hits worse when you are lying down (not a fun condition I assure you!). By the time you read this you will likely have seen the vet, so I'll be checking for an update. I do hope she is OK.
Our two Maltese went through a period where they were vomiting the "yellow stuff" about every three or four days, usually early in the morning. They had no other symptoms and all their lab work was normal. The vet put them on an ulcer medicine to coat their stomachs and Pepcid to cut the acid, along with a chicken and rice diet. The vomiting stopped immediately and within a couple of weeks we able to discontinue all the medication and put them back on a regular diet. We never did identify the cause, but suspect it was either their food (Nutro's Lamb and Rice) or insects they were eating in the yard.
Thank you to everyone for your input. The vet was puzzled as well, as all tests were fine. He suggested having her eat later at night also; he also asked if she could be sneaking some of her older brother's food (senior food) which has more fiber in it. And as if that weren't enough, we've noticed that some rabbits are getting into our backyard, and she may be eating the droppings. Amazing what the little darling can get into when your head is turned for 5 seconds. We feel so awful for not seeing these things before--I'm with her all day and think I know where she is all the time, but obviously not. I think the answer lies in the food availability, though, like you and the vet said. Thanks for all your help!
Dear Patti: It's the Nutro. Several weeks ago there were a number of us complaining about the same thing. KoKo was throwing up every morning. The day I changed food (to Bil-Jac) it stopped. Shayna didn't throw up, she just didn't eat. Can't say why Nutro did this but I'd bet the farm on it that it caused this condition. Since I've changed food (6 to 8 weeks) KoKo has thrown up once. I used to give them Tums to help with eye stain marks, I bet the tums would do a good job to stop this yellow throw up too. Good luck with your baby.
I thought I would share my experience with this problem since E.B. White had me up at 2:30 a.m. this morning when he vomited the yellow stuff on his bed. He is almost 9-years-old and has had this problem his entire life. Vet visits show nothing, and we have tried all sorts of food. He has eaten Premium Edge for less active dogs since late last summer and has had only two vomiting incidents since then. They have both been within the past month so I have the feeling he may be gearing up again. Happily, 9-month-old Lilli does not seem to be afflicted with this problem. I have enjoyed reading others posts about it, but I'm not sure if there will ever be a total solution for the problem.

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