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VO5 Hot Oil Treatment
by Lydia/Pepper/Baby
VO5 Hot Oil TreatmentHi,O.K. so no one would ever accuse me of being conventional, but this really works. I've used it on my own hair for years and loved the results. I got the idea to try it on the dogs. Their fur has never been softer or silkier. I use only once every two months. Pepper needs two tubes because he is bigger. I apply it to them (warm), rinse, and then apply their usual shampoo (Pantene Pro V). It works fabulous on the matting and combing is a breeze.


That sounds like a great idea! One of my four babies mats very easily. I'm going to try it this week-end. Thanks.

Lydia, who'd a thunk it? I'm going to try that when I give Phoebe her monthly bath next week. She was spayed almot two weeks ago and the anesthesia really dried out her coat and even the conditioning spray I swear by is only helping in a minimal amount. Thanks for the suggestion!
Leslie R
I was wondering-does VO5 leave an oily residue? or any irritation on the maltese skin? If not-I'm thinking about trying it too--sounds good to me :)
Okay, Lydia, so like, what is Pepper & Baby's hair type? Baxter has been on Coat Handler and I can't wait to change. I've never had mats so bad. His coat has a little curl in it and he's 10 lbs. It's weird, he has a straight silky tail and ears. The legs and chest are wavy. The body is more curly. Would this work for him?

Hi Everyone,In answer to some of your questions: I haven't notice any residue on their skin or coat, but I wouldn't use it more than once every month. You may have that problem, if used too frequently. Pepper's coat is extremely wavy. His ears and tail are straight, but his body, legs and head tend to be course and curly. It makes his fur soft and silky. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for the curls. His fur is normally very difficult to get a comb through, but not anymore. I keep him in a puppy coat because of his fur type. Baby has the longer coat (she is only 6 months, but its getting there). Her fur is straight.It feels so silky soft... its like hugging a stuffed animal. Good luck and let me know what you think. :D
Hi,I am the new kid on the block and its nice to be here. I have a Male Maltese (Bee Bee) he was just a year old and he is 6 lbs. My big problems with him is that no matter what I do his hair mats terribly. I have tried Conditioning etc, nothing seem to work. Your suggestion sounds good I will certainly try it. The other problem I have is tear stains. All of the stuff I bought at the pet store did not help at all. Someone told me to try paroxide (the kind you put on cuts) Just moisten a cotton ball and apply to red hair (avoid his eyes of course). I have been doing this for a week and the results are great. In addition to fading out the red it also kills the bacteria around the eyes. His tearing has improved. Just thought you might like to know. Bernadette & BEE BEE

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