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Glucosamine supplements
by Mary Ellen
Glucosamine supplements Needed to know if anyone has given their maltese glucosamine supplements to help with minor arthritis/joint problems? I've consulted our vet and have received the green light to proceed, however was curious if anybody has tried or seen any results. I have an older maltese (rescue from a puppymill) and occassionally Sunny shows sign of stiffness/limping after long periods of rest. Her symptoms are not to the point of needing prescription medication, I'm just concerned that her previous background and number of litters might cause some health problems in the future.


I ordered the catalog to order it for Casper. He has luxating patella (my own observation, don't want to take him to a vet who will tell me to have him operated). There is a wonderful site on chihuahuas that have alot of info about natural health for small dogs. It mentions glucosamine and how great it is. There's also links to vets that are holistic (natural healing) The site is: www.31bsdogs.com its 3pounds not 3 (one) Let me know what you think when you check it out.

Hi, I have 3 Maltese....my oldest Missy is 8 years. She had a problem with minor back and knee problems after we lost her beautiful sister, Mandy. Since then I have acquired two new puppies...and put Missy on the Missing Link Supplement for several months, and all 3 are on Nutro Dog Food. I am not a salesperson for either of these products. But with two puppies to play with, or just observe them....and with this Missing Link supplement occasionally and Nutro Lite....my Missy is a different dog. I can't believe it...she is just like the puppies, with her energy and playfulness !! There is controversy on the Missing Link....but I sure can't find anyone to explain anything concrete. I have asked several vets, and no one has said anything negative about it. Thanks Jay for this site !! I do read your sponsors ads.
Mary Ellen, I don't know about the Glucosamine for dogs, but as an arthritis sufferer myself, I can tell you that if I go a day without taking it, I can barely walk! I would definitely consider giving it to my dog if she suffered from arthritis pain.
Jackie Smith

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