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Not Loosing Baby Teeth!
by Carla
Not Loosing Baby Teeth! I was brushing Tasha's teeth the other day and noticed that she looks like she is getting her permanent eye teeth, but the baby teeth have not fallen out. She is 5 1/2 months old. Should I take her to the vet or will they fall out by themselves???? Thanks


Small breeds like Maltese often retain their baby teeth. They sometimes have to be removed by the vet under anesthesia. She's almost at the age where you would have her spayed, so if you are planning on spaying her make sure you point out the teeth to the vet. S/he can probably do it at the same time and eliminate the need for a second dose of anesthesia. Not getting them removed can cause problems with the adult teeth when they come in fully, so if they don't fall out on their own, its better to have them removed.

Carla, Yes, take her to a vet and have them check. Sometimes the baby teeth do not fall out and they need to be removed, but only your vet can decide what to do right now.
Robin K.
Carla, lots of times the baby teeth don't fall out. Lucy had hers taken out when she was spayed since she was already under anesthesia anyhow. If they don't come out on their own, you need to have the vet remove them, so keep your eye one them.
cathy brown
Dear Carla; You probably don't have to worry yet. I was very worried because my Otto was 6 months old had not lost his left baby eyetooth and his big one was coming in. Well, one night while watching TV and chewing on a gummibone he got it to come out. My vet says that it is pretty common in Maltese that their babyteeth need help coming out. If it didn't come out by itself, when he neuters Otto he'd extract the babytooth at the same time. Luckily, Otto worked it loose. I Hope Tasha chews hard, too!!!
I was told by my vet they start losing them at 6 months. Buster started losing them last week. He was 6 months old as of Jan 27th. His permanant ones are coming in also. If you are worried by all means have the vet look at them just to make sure.
Libby & Buster
Carla, Baxter had two "canine" or "eye" teeth (whatever you call those long ones) on one side for a few months. The breeder said not to worry about it so I didn't and the baby one eventually came out on it's own. I'm not sure what damage can be done if they are left alone, but that is one of Baxter's strong points now - he has beautiful, straight, even teeth and a perfect bite. (Rudy, on the other hand, has baby teeth that are all willy-nilly and I'm hoping his permanent are not following suit!)
Our dog Buster had a two teeth that needed to be pulled. We found out when he was brought in to be neutered. The Vet called us and asked if he should pull them at that time I said yes. It was only $8.00 per tooth, as long as he was under anyway for being neutered.

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