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Neatness to a New Level
by Shelley
Neatness to a New Level Little Shanya has been using the Puppy John for several months with great success until last week. Usually after she does a poop I clean it up with toilet paper and dispose of it. So she can reuse the wee wee pad. We just discovered she will not piddle on the pad after she has pooped on it. This is the dog that will eat her own droppings if she isn't on Distaste (Foster Smith), now she is very neat about where she piddles. She has not wanted to go outside, too cold and we live in FL, but she didn't go at all for 18 hours twice because the piddle pad had been used before. Go figure these darlings out. Just wanted to share this story with all of you.


Shelley, I know exactly what you mean. My Bianca is the same way. After she poops I pick it up and dispose of it too. But heaven forbid I don't get it immediately she gets mad and will go pee next to her wee wee pad. She has to do a dance before she goes and the pad must be perfectly clean or she won't go on it. My other two dogs will just go on the pad and do their business-they don't do a dance like Bianca does. They will also find a clean spot on the pad and go there unlike their sister. These little babies are just too cute, aren't they?

Shelley, your story made me laugh. My Bailey is also Miss Fussy when it comes to the PuppyJohn and weewee pads. When I leave for work in the morning if both pads are not clean (I used two in it for size) I find one either shredded or just pulled out. It never occured to me it was because she pooped on it! Could be but how would I know since Miss Fussy eats hers also [bad] I have tried the Deter tablets and they didn't work so maybe I'll try the Distaste you mention. If she goes outside she never goes near it and if I'm home she usually leaves the poop also because I clean it up right away but when I'm gone - forget it - its gone too maybe she just doesn't like it being there. Bailey has never gone as far as not piddling 18 hrs though and after I clean the pads she will piddle. These babies are so funny! Thanks for sharing that story.
Robin D.
Shelley, I am laughing like crazy over your story!!!! Thanks for sharing it. They are funny little babies aren't they?
Robin K.
How funny Shelley!! They can be sooo tempermental. They truly are little fur babies...not dogs! Hugs and wags from Shelby and Nikki!
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)
LOL! Phoebe will only choose a clean place to pee, and poop sometimes lands on the pads and sometimes not - but I clean it up ASAP & in the meantime she will go away from it and look at it in a rather disgusted way until I do!
Leslie R
Shelley, My Maggie and Lily do the little dance thing before they "go" and they do not want the use the paper once it has been soiled at all. They always want fresh paper. As far as going outside - forget it! There have been times when we were traveling in our car with them and when we stopped the car to let them "go" outside - We had to put paper down on top of grass to get them to "go"! People just look at us like we are weird. Funny!
Yes, it took me awhile, but I finally figured it out! Mikee and Angel see me remove soiled papers from their Puppy John litter pan as SOON as they soil them. They watch the entire ordeal and supervise my every move, trotting along behind me, right on my heels, from the litter pan to the trash can, and then to the garage. But, if I'm out of the kitchen or away when they soil the papers, they put Plan B into immediate action and through diligent TEAMWORK---Angel takes one end and Mikee takes the other end of the newspaper, and O U T "off" the litter pan goes the soiled paper. I look forward to every day to watch these two with their antics. Being our second and third Maltese, there is no end to the creative actions of this breed. Such special people all of us are to be owned by them!
Shelly....I have a three year old Maltese who is also very fussy about where he goes...if his papers are dirty, wet or with a bowel movement...he refuses to use them!...and will hold himself for hours...so I have to make sure that his "area" is always clean...aren't Maltese dogs the sweetest babies?

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