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Coat Handler not so good
by Marie
Coat Handler not so good I've been a "promotor" of Coat Handler products... until today. I haven't used them very long, but initially the shampoo and conditioner made my guys' coats feel so good, Rudy, my 4 1/2 month old has been scratching more and more lately. It got so bad that it broke my heart to watch him be so miserable. I took off work this morning to get him to the vet. He found his skin to be quite scaly in places. I had to hold him still while the vet took some scrapings. They have to scrape until it's raw. He's doing fine but I haven't recovered from that yet. Of course, we're going the allergy route in case it's something else that is causing his problem, but tonight I gave him a bath with the new prescription shampoo (Epi-Soothe) and he hasn't scratched since. In fact, he's finally sleeping on my lap peacefully. He's had quite a day. Also, to all you out there owned by new puppies, once a week may be way too often to shampoo especially if grown-up shampoo is being used. Just thought I would pass this along.


Marie, I am not familiar with Coat Handler products....but thank you for passing this along to us. I am glad that you took your little darling to the vet. Is that a people shampoo? You are right in sticking to the dog shampoos, especially for Maltese. That does seem often to bathe a puppy.....maybe with brushing and the conditioner especially for brushing, would be sufficient for between baths. I bought the handler's products advertised on this site, and they work very well. I had talked to this handler at a dog show, and she worked a long time perfecting her products. Take care, Bel and the m & m & m girls.

I also have been using this shampoo with my boys because the grass where I live is sprayed every week. I have noted that it workes very well and leaves the coat looking and feeling very soft. Good luck! Yavonda, Fergie and Bacci
I'm sorry that the Coat Handler products have not worked for you. They are recommended for Maltese and I have had excellent results. Keep in mind that there is no one shampoo or conditioner that will work well for every Maltese. I'm glad to hear that Rudy is doing well with his new shampoo. Thanks for sharing this info with us, too.
April B.
I have used Coat Handler for many years on my show maltese and have found it to be very good on the maltese coats, I am sorry you have had a problem ..Hilary Soie Maltese

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