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Reverse Sneezing?
by Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)
Reverse Sneezing? Hi all! Nikki, our new girl, quite frequently makes strange noises that I believe are referred to as reverse sneezing. Does anyone know exactly what that is? Is it harmful - does it mean she's allergic to something? I had a pup years ago that did that everyone once in a great while so I wasn't too concerned, but Nikki does it more frequently (2 or 3 times daily)so I thought I'd check with you all.


Sandy, you may find this articlehelpful.

Hi Sandy: I read Jay's explanation with interest, because Shayna does this cough or sneeze thing. She does it almost everytime she takes a drink and sometimes when she is excited or pulls on her leash too hard. I'm planning on talking to our Vet at her annual visit the end of the month. Nikki is over 2 years old so I doubt she will suddenly stop breathing due to this condition. Shayna has done it for a long time, can't remember if she did it immediately after we got her. Anyway if my Vet has any words of wisedom I'll share them with you.
Thanks Jay and Shelley! Also, great article Jay. That was the exact description of what Nikki does. It usually does happen when she gets excited.
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)
Alex does it to when he is excited or when he drinks. I even bought a bottle for his drinking water because I tought he might get water in his nose, or does not know how to drink from a bowl. It's better with the bottle, and he love's it, but he still does it sometime. Last time I was at the vet, he did it over there and I asked the vet about it. He said it's nothing to worry about and that all small dogs are doing it when they get excited. Thanks Jay for the article.
Thanks for that article, Jay. Moose does this too - I was planning on searching the archives for some info but you saved me the trouble.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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