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Hair in eyes
by Ann
Hair in eyes Hi, My dog, Peaches, has been with us for just over a month. (we rescued her). She had to have her hair shaved after being in the pound. Now her hair is long enough to get in her eyes, but not quite long enough for a topknot. Does anyone know something I might try for her? Also, I tried putting in a topknot (it kept a little of the hair out, but lots was still in her eyes) and she didn't seem to like it one bit. Is this a normal reaction, or do they usually not care one way or the other? Do you just leave it in until they get used to it, or take it out when looks like they don't like it? Thanks!!


Someone on this site suggested baby barrettes once, the kind with the sponge backing to stop them slipping out. I thought this sounded great and am still looking for some (although I haven't yet checked out a dedicated baby product store, which is no doubt where I will find them!).
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

Getting Peaches to tolerate a topknot may take some patience and time on your part. I find when starting my pups with their first topknots that I put them up and they take them down. We just keep putting the topknot up and eventually the pup gets used to having the hair up. Some of my Maltese will even come to me to tell me their topknots need to be fixed. Patience and persistance.
For Avery, I use regular baby barettes. At first she really hated them, but now she leaves them in. They really don't last very long in her hair before they start to fall out, but it usually does last at least a couple of hours. Good Luck!
Avery, I don' know if anyone else has tried this solution but it worked for me till I figured out how to do a topknot. I bought a little tube of hair gel, parted Krystal's hair in the middle, applied the gel, sparingly & wal la no more hair in the eyes. This also trains the hair to be parted in the middle for future topknots.
I don't have the patience to do the two little topknots, so we just use one. I cut Ellie's hair in a puppy cut when she was 3 and we move here to the beach. It's long again, but when it was growing out, I put it in two little pony tails, one in front of the other so that the front one was closer to her face than it would have been otherwise. The back one was joined to the first one and bows attached. Make sense?? Almost looked like french braiding.

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