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Frizzy coat-Need advice
by Angel
Frizzy coat-Need advice Hi, I just groomed my dog today and her hair frizzed out bad, and I mean REAL bad. I assumed after a haircut the hair would be healthier and it made it frizzy. I've never seen this happen in any dog before and now my baby is a mess! Did this ever happen to any of you with your babies before? Her hair was always so soft and healthy and I didn't do anything different. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!


I am currently using J/B Mat & Tangle Removing Spray. I use it for daily brushing and combing. It works great on matts and tangles and is excellent for eliminating static from the coat. It does not build up on the coat or discolor it, either. You can get it from J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies. The number is 1-800-526-0388.
April B.

Angel, how old is your baby? Baxter's hair changed once. I was warned by the groomer to expect it when he went from his puppy coat to his dog coat. I used the same products that I had been using, but after a bath one day and for the next week or so, I couldn't get a comb through his coat. A brush was the only thing and that was a struggle. It wasn't exactly "frizzy", just uncombable. It was at that time I went to a puppy cut for him (and we both love it). I am interested to hear what the more experienced owners out there have to say on this. It baffled me.
Never had a frizzing problem after the groomer -- maybe they left the dryer on too long or something? You could try using one of those spray on conditioners to tame it down a bit. If it happens again, I'd look for a new groomer.

I will share a grooming nightmare from back when I was away at college. My mom had been sick for a while, so Puff's daily grooming had been let go a bit (he was dirty, and a little matted, but according to her.. not terribly so). She wasn't well enough to take him to the groomer, and wanted him to look nice for when I came home for spring break. A friend suggested this mobile groomer. Well, needless to say, I was horrified when I saw my poor baby! He looked absolutely dreadful! The groomer had obviously never seen a Maltese before, and apparently tried to give Puff a poodle cut! He SHAVED MY POOR BABY BALD!! Even his feet had no hair! His skin was irritated and cut in several spots. He cut off his beautiful long ear and tail hair, leaving a ridiculous little tuft of hair on the tips. He SHAVED THE FACE! there was just a pitiful little mustache and eyebrows left..otherwise, it was all skin. I couldnt' believe my mom actually paid this guy. I swear Puff was just as horrified, he looked so depressed, and I think he was sore too because he didn't want to be touched for days. I have one picture from this time, taken about 4 days after the incident. I can now look back and laugh, but at the time I was understandably furious!

I would say your groomer did not dry your dog correctly.

Aimee, thats a great story, sorry but I could not stop giggling at the thought of how your baby must have looked. I and I'm sure all would all love to see. You should post it on the Maltese Album with a little explaination.
Kathy A.

Maybe I could post the 'before and after' sort of shots. I really hate for people to think the poor thing looked like that all the time.. it was one BAD haircut. The one picture I have is a poleroid and not of the greatest quality. I don't know how it would scan. Will try it out. I actually have more pictures of Puff than just about any family member in my house (don't tell me I'm the only one please!). Some are really great. Maybe I'll borrow my mom's scanner and see how they come out on the computer
Oh Aimee, I once cut Krystal's hair to an inch long all over her body! I can't even think of anything that looks as bad as she did. My brother had never seen her & when he came & saw what she looked like & what I'd done to her, he was hysterical. Now her hair has grown back & she's beautiful but my brother won't believe me! When I don't dry her with a hair dryer her hair frizzes out. She looks like she weights about 25 lbs! And yes, I have more pics of her than I do, well, most anything else. In fact, I keep my brag book, which is full of pics of her in my purse cause, when I start talking about her and they don't know what a maltese looks like, out comes my book!

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