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tooth absese
by D'marie
tooth absese One month ago I noticed a infected open wound on my little Moki's face. It was so odd we had not noticed it before but it was covered with a flap of skin. I took him to the vet I had thought he may have gotten scratched by a cat and it got infected. He is such a little bully, He is three years old. When we let his sister and him out to go, we only let him out in back, if he sees a cat or another dog {doesnt matter how big they are} he chases them at least to the next house over while I am frantically running after him. Anyway some of the neighborhood cats have stopped running, they try to get him if he gets to close, so that is why we thought he may have gotten scatched by a cat. He had a temp, his DR. put him on antibiotics and gave him a shot. but after 2 weeks it was still very infected and getting worse. His Dr. did an exray and it revealed an absese tooth. He had no other symtems, he was eating fine, no swelling face or gums, no redness of gums. but he was not as active, which i thought was from the fever of the infection. the infection was so close to his eye, the Dr had to do surgery imediately. I am happy to report it has been 1 week since his surgery and he is back to his old self! His wound is healing very well. Just wanted to share this and find out if this has happened to anyone elses little baby. I adore my little guys and treat them like you would treat a new born baby. we brush their teeth every day. and by the way that was another thing, his teeth were clean, so it is a mystery how this came to be. would like to hear if this has happened to anyone else and also for all to be aware of.


I'm so glad to here that you found out what was wrong with your baby!! It sounds like a "freak" thing that occured. Thank you for sharing your experience here for others to be aware.

A tooth abcess can be a very serious condition for a tiny Toy breed such as the Maltese. Your Vet was quite correct in trying to treat the infection with antibiotics before performing the requisite oral surgury to correct that condition. One of the Top Producing Maltese in recent history died as complications of a tooth abcess and the attendant infection - an infection that toxifies the blood, throws off the dog's appetitie, and gradually saps the strength from the animal. Often it is a lack of good dental health that causes this condition - alternatively it can be a tiny foreign object picked up by the dog from chewing or eating something that he should not - it gets embedded in the gums and creates this condition. I guess all the Maltese in the country will get a good "dental" and oral examination now as a result of this "thread". it is NOT common - but it can be life-threatening.
Larry Stanberry Divine Maltese
Please, can someone help out a first time mum, I am the very proud and happy new owner of a 10 week old Maltese pup, I have been religiously reading something new every day on this site (it's great by the way) I just read a comment in the archive re: cleaning my babies teeth. Is this necessary as my baby won't let me anywhere near her face to clean it. Let alone in her mouth to clean her teeth. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution. Thank you in advance.
Lisa, both of my little guys hate it but I have two ways I do it.one is I bought a finger brush and toothpaste from a pet catalog,this works good on my little girl. My little boy "Moki" I have to use a strip of cheese cloth or cut a washcloth in small strips to wrap around your finger. you need to hold their little heads and just get your finger in there to massage the teeth. Another thing I do after is squirt a solution called Nolvadent on their teeth to rinse them. It gives them fresh breath and helps with the tartar build up. The solution is easier to give to my little girl than it is to her brother, but they both get it anyway. Also get pet catalogs it has helped me alot to see products that I can order that have helped. I know there are teeth cleaning pads pretreated that you can order. Enjoy them they are so fun and you will do the right thing but start early!! It is so hard to train to get used to a certain routine as they get older.
Hi Lisa, make sure that your baby has a nylabone or gumabone to chew - that will help to clean his teeth.We find that if they each eat a raw chicken wing 2-3 times a week it eliminates "doggy breath"; our vet recommended this for keeping their teeth clean. Use only the wing and it must be raw - but please check with your vet first.
Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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