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New Food
by Shelley
New Food It has been 5 days and KoKo hasn't thrown up. After reading the post last week about vomiting I decided to change from Nutro to Bil-Jac. Both KoKo and Shayna love it. Shayna never ate the Nutro, just picked at it when she was really really hungry. She was eating her poop rather than the food. She has stopped eating poop and is eating the Bil-Jac. But most important KoKo isn't getting sick every day. Can't explain why the Nutro didn't work but they both didn't like it. Let me know how your babies are doing. Have you changed food yet?


We fed our puppy Nutro and she always pooped orange. The ingredients of Nutro look good but I don't like to feed it to my maltese any longer.

Hi Shelley, I've always heard good things about Bil-Jac. Isn't it like a moist food? Do you just use that or do you use a dry food with it? I have been trying to find a new dog food for my 3 girls. They are on Eukanuba now but one of the three throws up from it so I need to switch to something else. It's sooo hard to find the "right" dog food. I'm so confused. All I do is read labels and then it's even more confusing. All that junk that goes into some brands - maybe I'll try the Bil-Jac and if that doesn't work I'll have to pull out the "doggie" cookbook and start making them homecooked meals.Hopefully the Bil-Jac will work so I won't have to slave over the stove day and night! Not that my girls aren't worth it - they are - but in this day and age it's hard enough cooking for the family let alone the dog's.Hope the Bil-Jac works for your babies!
Hi Angel ! I too feed eukanuba or " Diamond" which is exactly like euka, only much less expensive ( I have 15 of'm) I and the babies also like PRO-PLAN, I have in the past tried Bil-Jac )wet) none would eat it..and it smelled ghaastly..never mind the looks of it..but the dried type seems fine. I too had a very bad NUTRO experience ! Which I reported to the Company !
Angel, in response to your question about what food to feed, continually switching foods is not a good idea as digestive upsets can occur easily. Please check with your vet about what to feed. Throwing up is not necessarily an indication that you need to change the food. My Maltese began throwing up after eating Iams puppy biscuits. I came to find out that the biscuits were rancid and I got a new box. No problems. There are many good foods out there and there is no one food that all Maltese will do well on. My vet says to feed a premium dry food as the primary diet. Switching should be done gradually, with the old food being mixed with the new food. The Iams people have been especially helpful to me. There is a toll-free number on every bag of their dog and cat foods. I am currently feeding Eukanuba puppy and was told to switch to the Premium Performance (switching to adult food) because Noah is used to a chicken based food and has done well on it. However, some Maltese do better on another food. That is why it is best to confer with your vet because each of our fur babies have unique characteristics that can include diet as well. I hope this helps.
April B.
Please let us know how Bil-Jack works out for you. I have several samples of it that I recieved at the dog shows but Im afraid to try it. I do know they love the treats.
Kathy S.
Angle: The Bil-Jac is a dry food, real small pellets. They like it dry in the morning. I first give them a table spoon of canned food in a separate bowl and then they eat the Bil-Jac. Today I tried adding Gravy for Fido in a small amount of Bil-Jac while we ate dinner. They loved it and didn't come to the table until it was all gone. Shayna's become more regular so I know when to expect a movement and KoKo isn't sick. I'm a happy Mom. My pet store gave me a free package to try. It had 16 3 oz. boxes in it and I've only used 6. Ask for a free trial package. Let me know if your girls like it. I hate thinking about you cooking for the dogs and your family.
Hi Shelley, That was me who posted about Bailey's vomitting. I put a post up explaining what happened at the vet but it hasn't show up, so I will post it again. I, too, will be changing the food, but I am not quite sure to what. I don't think we have Bil-Jack around here. I will check. Let me know how it works out for you.

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