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iron deposits in coat
by Julie
iron deposits in coat I live in the country and use well water. Our water is extremely hard and certain times of the year we have a real problem with iron deposits. It causes the coat to become "sticky" with a red tinge. Does anyone else have this problem and possibly a cure?


Julie, I too live in the country and we had to get a filter for our well water.. lots of iron deposits. Works great now.
Libby & Buster

Dear Julie; What about filtered drinking water? It goes for 25 cents a gallon in my neighborhood grocery store. you bring the bottle and the water is filtered and fills up your gallon bottle. we have very calcium-heavy water in my neighborhood, so that is why this filtered-water suggestion. maybe it works for iron, too!good luck!
I live in the city and travel in my motor home. When we travel, I only use bottled water for the dogs and us because you never know what the quality of the water will be. At home I use 2 filters. I noticed tear stains on KoKo some time ago and kept her on bottled water for months until it cleared up. Good luck

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