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Favorite Treats
by Linda K
Favorite Treats I am looking for some new treats/chew toys. Dexter loves the pig ears but I am very careful to let him have it for short periods. I have tried the carrot treats and he devours them. Nothing seems to appeal to him. Does anyone give fresh carrots? The other day a fresh green bean fell on the floor and he was having a great time with that but I was afraid of what it might do. Any suggestions or new ideas?


Hi Linda, I've heard so much about carrot treats but I can't find them anywhere. My girls get Pupperoni's, homemade dog biscuits, and I have a huge box of various chew bones also. I've never tried pig's ears before. Are they safe to give them? If so maybe I'll try them. My girls love their chew bones. They each have one specific one they take to bed with them too.

My dog loves those dehydrated lamb lungs. Also I make homemade dog treats. He loves these. He doens't like store bought ones either. Try this: Liver treats
1 Cups cornmeal
2 eggs
C powdered milk
2 Tb molasses
2 lg cloves of garlic, chopped

Combine wet ingredients first, then add dry, into a food processor, or blender. Blend till uniform color, pour into baking pan; bake 400 degrees until it pulls from sides of pan and/or knife blade comes out clean. Guaranteed to make you a hero to your dog. Cut them into bite size pcs store in refg. Hope your babies enjoy!

Hi Linda - I give Bailey carrots as treats (two in the morning and two at nite) the really small ones that come peeled fresh in a bag. She absolutely loves them and even throws them up in the air and plays with them first. Vegetables served raw like carrots, parsley, alfalfa sprouts and grated zucchini are good for them. Also, along with Pigs ears she really likes the cow hooves and they seem to last much longer.
Robin D.
Buster loves the IAMs Puppy Biscuits, the Roarhide edible bones, the Nylabone carrot & cheese flavored. I got him a chicken flavored Booda Velvet but so far that's lying on the floor not touched. He also loves the BONZ you get at the grocery store.
Libby & Buster
Hi,I was recently in a pet supply store and purchased treats that Pepper and Baby loved. the treats were "cow tails & "pg snouts". Yes, they were the real thing. The cow tails had a small bone in which made me a little nervous, I'm not sure I would purchase them again, but both dogs loved them. The store owner tells me they are less greasy than the pigs ears and are less likely to cause diahhrea. I'm happy to say she was correct. Nylabone now makes a carrot roll. It is the same as the bone, but thin and roll shaped. They loved that also.They both love raw carrots and the Iams buscuits.i haven't had much success with the other brands of buscuits/treats found in grocery stores i.e. pupperoni and snausages etc.
Angle If yiou can't find the carrot treats in your pet store, I have seen them in JC Steel Catalogue and they are a little less expensive. What chew toys are you talking about? With pig ears I only let him have it for about 15 min at a time and if he gets some loose, I cut it off. He hasn't gotten sick and loves them but he doesn't get them often. I might try the parsley, might help the breath!
Linda K
I tried the carrots and little Rudy's face ended up all orange! Does anyone else have that problem? The carrot chews by Nylabone (& Roarhide also by Nylabone) are good, but Baxter devours them like Dexter. Rudy's still little so he can chew on one forever. As for veggies, Baxter loves broccoli, lettuce and any other kind of raw veggie. I think Rudy's too little yet and might choke. Robin D., I heard/read somewhere that hooves (as well as ice cubes) should be avoided because they are so hard and can do damage to their jaw that shows up later in life. Has anyone else heard this?
My boys really like cooked frozen peas. In fact, they get them for breakfast and dinner. Since the boys are on a low protein diet (portal cavel shunt problems) I can't give them pigs ears or other such, so I've had to get very cleaver with what I give them. For treats they get arrowroot baby cookies and they really love dried apricots. But best of all, they like their peas.
We have been giving our four year old carrots and brocolli along with green beans for two or three years. He absolutely loves them. We buy the new small carrots in the bag, and give him a couple a day as a treat. Never had a problem, except that he has consistantly had enlarged salavary glands. We've had his blood tested, and the vet feels that they get just get infected, but has ruled out lukemia, etc. I mention this because I have often worried that the fresh vegetibles might be a part of the problem. Anyone out there have any ideas? By the way, he has that bad habit of eating his stools whenever he can get away with it! I worry that the infection is tied to that too! Thanks.
Marie, Thanks for the info about the hooves, I have never heard that before and would be interested if anyone else has heard about it being bad for our babies jaws. Bailey doesn't really stay with any one chew toy for long and I always keep an eye out but you never know.
Robin D.
Hi Linda, thanks for the info. as to where to find carrot treats. The chew bones I'm talking about are mostly Roarhide, and the rawhide that is in "big" shapes - like circles, long double end knotted bones, and any shape that is too big for them to have a problem with. I don't trust rawhide bones unless their as I just described. I also get them rawhide filled with roarhide. They LOVE these the best and these bones last so long. They are safe because they chew the rawhide ends to get to the roarhide center and the bone never gets mushy to where there would be a potential problem of choking. But regardless, I always watch them closely whenever they are chewing rawhide. The ones they carry to bed with them are usually the big circular bones. I take them away as soon as they fall asleep since I can't watch them while I'm sleeping. There are just so many different bones out on the market today and it's nice to be able to discuss with other maltese owners which ones work and which ones don't. Take Care!
I have two babies Moki and Jassi age 3 and 2yrs. They live for treats!! they love that word! I have given them piglet ears {small pig ears for small breeds} since they were 10wks, why do some of you not let your little guys have them. I have never had a problem but if it is dangerous please let me know! some other things that my little very picky eaters love are Iams puppy bones, and baa baa ques are a big hit!{ a lamb treat} also they love dried liver cubes. I only give them 1/2 of a small cube, cuz it is 100% liver. I make them chicken livers cut up in thier Eukenuba food about 1x every 5-6 weeks. They also love corn pops! I give them one each for a treat. they do not like any grocery store treats. All treats I buy at a pet store or from one of the many pet catalogs I order from. They do not like carrots, or other fresh veggies, I wish they did. but I tried the baby carrots once and it was not a big hit and their faces turned orange!
I quit smoking a few years ago and took up a new habit of eating carrots. My Mason always gets a few bites and he loves them. He gets Cheerios when he's a real good boy!
Karen Kluitenberg
Taylor's favorite treat is called Chicken Fingers. I get them in the human baby food isle of the grocery store. They look like little hot dogs. Although all of my dogs go nuts when they smell them. I have not found anything else dog or human they like better.
Kathy S.
Missy is 5 years old and if she was big enough (5 lbs) she would kill for bell peppers. We cut them in small pieces and she chews them good. Her vet says any fresh vegies are ok. He advised against tomatoes.
Perry Hansen
Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. About the carrots turning the white faces orange, for 14 years Precious loooovved carrots, and I would slice them thinly and "dry" all the slices quickly in a paper towel before giving them to her. This stopped the orange face. When she got older, I would place a couple of sliced carrots in a bowl of water and microwave them for about five minutes making them a little more digestible in her senior years. This totally eliminates the orange face. Mikee and Angel LOOOVEEE carrots too. My babies have more treats than their "Daddy" (ha). Annette

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