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Fading nose color
by Keith Sernick
Fading nose color My three year old Maltese is about 10 pounds and very active. Lately, I've noticed that his nose color is beginning to fade from its usual dark black to gray with some severe fading on the edges of the nostriles. My vet tells me this is normal. Is he right?


Keith, I've read in Q&A section of the Malteseonly Web Site, that this is indeed "normal". Apparently, the dogs nose has pigments, like humans skin, & when the dog doesn't get enough sunlight, the black nose fades. Krystal's is pink, because in the Northland, we only get sun in the summer! (not) But seriously we get very little in the winter. Mary.

Keith, I just read recently that the fading nose can be caused by less exposure to sunlight, which happens more frequently in the winter. Check out the archives, I believe there's something in there on this subject.

My 5 year old girl, Nikki, also has a faded nose. We're trying to get her outside a lot (which is easier here in Atlanta with the more mild weather). I have noticed her nose seems to be a little darker then it was. We just adopted her a few weeks ago. She came from the Chicago area (where it's quite cold) so I would imagine she didn't get extended exposure to sunlight in the winter.
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)

As far as I know this is normal, althought my Buster hasn't had it happen and my previous little guy didn't either. I wouldn't worry about it. It's just one of those things...
Libby & Buster
My little Jassi is two years old and she has a little pink nose most of the time. My vet recently told me to use stainless feeding and water dishes instead of the plastic type. He said the plastic dishes has something to do with the fading of the black pigmentation of the nose. I recently switched to all stainless and we will see if her little nose blackens up. Her brother is 3yrs and he always has the blackest little nose possible. They are both from the SU-Le line, not sure if the line has anything to do with it.
Keith, My Lucy also gets "pink nose" in the winter. I have read that putting kelp (get it in drops at the health food store) in their water will combat this. I have yet to try it--every year I plan to but don't get to it. You might want to give it a try, but probably by summer the color will come back on its own with the return of long sunny days.
cathy brown
Ditto on the sunlight! My guys spend their days in a very sunny room, so it's not bad for them. Sandy, how is Nikki doing? I've been wondering. Please start a post and give us an update. I'm sure others are wondering, too!
Nikki's doing great, Marie! I'll do an update post...great idea!
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)

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