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Moistened food?
by Lydia/Pepper/Baby
Moistened food? Hi,Baby is now 5 months old & I have been wetting her puppy food with water to make it moist. She is on Eukanuba puppy food. How long is it necessary to moisten it? She seems to like Pepper's unmoistened adult food (she tends to steal it on him)& I just wondered, if it was still necessary to moisten her puppu food.


I think the sooner your puppy can tolerate hard kibbles, the better it is for the health of their teeth. My CHIBI started at 4 months.
RC Cusi

When I got Phoebe at fourteen weeks, the breeder had been moistening her food - I not only switched brands of food, but stopped moistening it & have had no problems at all.
Leslie R
Lydia, The only time I have put water on Busters food (IAM's Puppy Food) is since he has been teething and losing his teeth, which has been since he turned 6 mos old. He's now almost 7 mos old and I am putting him back to the dry gradually. Depends on how much he eats. Think he got spoiled using the water to moisten it. The dry helps clean their teeth.
Libby & Buster
Libby, I just started switching Rudy (same age as Baby) from Pedigree, what the breeder had him on, to Science Diet, what the vet recommends. I'm getting away from the watered-down food,too. I started mixing it last night (one-part to 3 parts) and he went nuts - eating all the new stuff first! My problem now, is getting Baxter off canned food and on to dry. Any suggestions there?
Hi Lydia, When I got Bailey at 12 weeks she was already on dry food and has been on the Eukanuba Puppy food since. No problems, as a matter of fact the last bag I bought was the Eukanuba Puppy Lamb and Rice and she liked that also (dry). She is now 9 months old and when I switch her to adult food (at about 1 year old) I plan on staying with Dry. Good Luck!
Robin D.
The others are right. Start weaning her onto dry only.
April B.
Thanks for the responses. I will give it a try.
I too agree, that dry is better, when I brought diva home at 8 wks she was on dry food and has always been, with no problems.
Mary P
Marie, my vet said to entice your puppy to eat kibble food when he loves wet, put a spoonful of the wet on top of the dry. Gradually, use less and less wet food until he is weaned to dry. Any suggestions for a dog who basically isn't interested in any foods? (except carrots of course) I should be so lucky with myself.
Trish, no matter how much I camoflage the dry kibble with the canned food, I end up picking up all the pieces after he has finished his meal. He actually eats around them and spits them out. I got nervous about him not getting enough food after the recent post from one of us (her name escapes me now) who had a really bad experience from not feeding her pup enough. It's a great idea in theory, though. Thanks. Marie (maybe I'll start a post).

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