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Patterns for Clothing
by Mary Crescenti
Patterns for Clothing Hi Everyone, I just got my new puppy. A gift from my sweet husband.We named her Valentine. I have spent sooo many hours reading from this wonderful page. I'm thankful to everyone on so many different topics.I have read everything from grooming to potty training. I've taken Valentine to the groomers once and I wasn't very happy with her BAD haircut. I'm going to try two other groomers and see if they're any better. The archives are helping me wee-wee train my 11week old baby girl.Without them to keep referring to I think Iwould have been discouraged by now. Can somone help me find a pattern for clothing. I have seen a few different outfits but they are very costly. If I could get a pattern I would be able to make Valentine an entire wardrobe. Does anyone else sew for their Maltese? Thanks a Bunch, Mary


Congratulations Mary on your new puppy. I'm sure you will enjoy her. She will give you many, many hours of unconditional love. This breed is the lovingess I have ever seen. Although I haven't gotten into the clothes thing....just wanted to congratulate you. This site is the BEST!
Libby & Buster

Mary: Your Valentine sounds wonderful, congratulations. As far as patterns are concerned I don't have any. But, I have made my girls vests by using my pattern and cutting it down to size. I have also bought them baby clothes and modified them to fit. You could buy baby patterns and cut them down. Usually the arms and legs are way too long. Their body lenght is about the size of a 12 month old. KoKo has a real cute hooded jacket that I altered from a 12 month size and shortened the sleeves to fit. Hope I've given you some idea. If you find anything else please let us know.
I don't usually dress Diva up as I'm trying to keep her in a long coat, but I did buy some newborn girl type dress at a garage sale, just for laughts. I did dress her for halloween, I got a witches hat from the craft store and made a cape, They have all kinds of little hats and bonnets you could use. Also watch for unusal hats on stuffed animals, go to garage sales to look for these and usually our babys like to play with the little toys, removing all buttons and eyes first.
Mary P
Congratulations on your new Baby!!! My baby Lalita has a lot of clothes that she wears. I'm a freelance fashion designer, and when I got her I started making clothes for her. She looks so cute and does not mind the clothes at all, we even have one matching outfit. She has appeared in one of my shows (shew loved the attenttion.) If your looking for patterns, you might want to check out a local fabric store and see what patterns they have. I know Butterick and Simplicity have patterns for dogs, because I have seen them advertised in the circulars. I make my own patterns for Lalita. Her latest outfit is a Faux fur leopard coat with matching boots. (Yes she has a 'boot' collection also. Good luck with your baby and her clothes.
Opal Tribble
What a wonderful Valentine's gift - one that will bring you pleasure for years to come! I wish I had an answer for the clothing, my Mama used to be a fantastic seamstress, but I did not inherit this talent. You might try using a pre-made item and using it as a pattern, or draping your bay with fabric or paper to create your own. I have searched for someone to knit sweaters, to no avail as their were no patterns available - so store bought must suffice. Good luck on this project & keep us posted on Valentine's progress!
Leslie R
Mary, congratulations! Please keep us posted on the escapades of Valentine (cute name!). But, your husband is off the hook for the next fifteen or twenty years. Every February, all he has to do is hand you your dog and say, "Here's your Valentine." Sorry, a little corny humor there. Leslie, when I was "expecting" Baxter a couple of years ago, I went into a knitting frenzy to help with my anticipation of his arrival. I did find a catalog of dog sweaters and they were adorable (pretty easy, too, cause I'm no expert). I'm at work now, but I'll try to find it at home and post the publisher.
Oh, Ladies, I love it, clothing for our dogs! Tears are running down my face. It's just too cute. I've thought about making booties for Krystal, but didn't think she'd keep them on. It is sooo muddy here in the Northland with this crazy warm winter we're having. Matching outfits - I've gotta make us one! Coat & matching boots! You all are so wonderfully creative & crazy about your darlin's. Thanks for the laughs & fun today. You've made my day!
Mary M.
My Sophie was a Valentine present, too! After reading this, I am running to the fabric store to see about those patterns! Opal, your faux fur coat and booties sound simply MAH-VELOUS! I can imagine all the attention she gets when you take her out all decked out! You'll have to take a picture and put it in the photo album for us all to enjoy!
I do sew for our dog Buster, The polar fleece is great! no need to finish seams. I make coats, and then make my daughter matching mittens and hats, so they match when they go out for walks in the cold weather! I usually buy a coat from the store, and use it to make patterns from. T-shirts are easy to make to! With the fusible web you can put some cute stuff on the back! Have fun! Our dog has so many outfits, it's almost embarassing!
Hello, I was bored so I did some net surfing. Simplicity has a pattern 9850, which can be purchased at your local fabric store. Its the only pet clothes pattern they have.
Thank You Mike, I will make a trip to the fabric store to purchase it. I'll let everyone know how the outfits turn out.
Mary Crescenti
Mike - thanks for the pattern #, WOW - I didn't think anybody would do that for us dog lovers!
Leslie R
Great News!!! I just purchased the Simplicity dog coat pattern at JoAnne Fabrics tonight and was delighted to find their Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99! The list price on this pattern was $8.95!, but at the $2 price, even if I never make them, I'm not out that much. Hope all you folks out there will be able to do the same. The coats are one size and way too big for my little Comet, who only wieghs 3# 12oz and is over a year old! The pattern will need lots of altering. Love this site! Halen and Halen's Comet!

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