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Pet Silk Advice Needed
by Marie
Pet Silk Advice Needed I want to try using Pet Silk grooming products. I've just printed the order form and there are SO many to choose from. Can anyone advise me what to start with? Baxter is 2 yrs old with a thick wavy coat in a puppy cut (about 2" long on the body, with long ears, tail and longer on the legs)? HELP! Marie


On my Maltese I use Petsilk Moisturizing Shampoo and Petsilk Moisturizing Rinse. I have also used the Pet Silk Brite white shampoo and rinse(though you wouldnt want to use the brite white on a regular basis as it is harsher on the coat) After shampoo and rinse, finsih with Petsilk Liquid Silk for a glossy silky finish. Be careful with the Liquid Silk - a very little goes a long way and if you put to much it will make the coat oily. Happy bathing.
Kathy S.

Marie, I have been using Pet Silk now on Sophie for a few months. It is a great product line. I bought the 10 oz bottles of the Bright White Silk Shampoo and the Silk Rinse. I also bought a 2 oz bottle of the Liquid Silk. I use it after blow drying and it adds a nice luster and silky feel to the coat. With only one dog to do, I felt the small bottles were fine. I dilute both the shampoo and the rinse so they will last a long time. Good luck!
Kathy Tindal
Hi Marie! I've used the shampoo and conditioner for white dogs on Sunny since I first got him. I wash him every week. I was kind of worried that it would dry out his skin. Now he is 8mos. old so I've bathed him every week for 5 mos now. So I find that this stuff really works for not drying out his coat or skin and keeps his hair really white. I would definitely start off with shampoo/conditioner. I also use the silk product. This is an oil that I put on him after baths before I blow dry him and also on dry hair in between baths. Their products smell real nice too.

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