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Eye stain and teething?
by Linda K
Eye stain and teething? When does teething end? Dexter was doing great on the eye stain after I got him on CA Natural with just an eye wipe once a day. The last 3 days have been awful! Could it be his teeth, he is 7 mos. or allergies, we live in Northern CA and pollen season is just starting. I would appreciate your comments.


Linda, what exactly is CA Natural? Food? Where can you purchase it?My little baby has terrible eye stains. I clean her eyes three times daily with Crystal Eye, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. I've been using it for two and a half weeks now. Sophie hates it and wiggles like crazy when I'm cleaning them out. She is only 13 weeks old, and the groomer did not want to bleach them out. Her left tear-duct is closed. I know some of the others have had the tear ducts flushed when their pups were fixed, but the two vets I spoke with were not worried about it because it is simply for aesthetic purposes. I certainly don't want to use peroxide because of the risk of blindness and the cornstarch is a little difficult to put on a wiggle worm. What else have you done previously to get these tear stains out?

Carrie,California Natural is a lamb and rice product. Is is made by a company that also carries a chicken food I think the name is Anar check the archives on this site for more information. I like it because it has no red dye in it. Place your food on a paper towel and wet. The Science Diet that I was using got red. This doesn't. I think you can also get info on them by doing a search on the internet. I use crysal eye and it helps. I have also used peroxide using a q-tip and that helps the stain only not the cause.
Linda K
I don't agree that the tear ducts flushing is done only for aesthetic purpose. How would you like your tears running down your nose all the time ? It happens in humans too. Now for small dogs, if the ducts are closed it helps by flushing them. But the problem might not be solved completely because of the small size of the ducts itself. Teething can add to the problem. Now that Alex is 9 months old, a little bigger (4.6 lbs) and does not have any puppy teeth anymore, his tearing is a lot less. I wash his eyes once a day and use cornstarch with a toothbrush. He kind of likes me brushing him between his eyes.
Thanks for your input, Linda and Janine. I know what you mean about the pollen season starting. We have had Sophie outside a little more the past few days ~ the weather has FINALLY cleared up enough to take her out! (We live in Central California) Her tear stains have become even worse! Although, for the past few days we have also been giving her some new treats that are darker than the others, so that may have contributed to it, also. As for the flushing, I am going to ask again when I take her into the vet a week from now about having it done while she is being spayed because the main concern was risking her life putting her under the general anesthetic. I am also going to check into better food for her. Natural, of course!
Hi Carrie!! Saw your post about you and your little Sophie. Whereabouts in Central California do you live? I am in the Fresno-Clovis area. If you are close by, I may be able to give you a few suggestions on vets, pet shopping, etc...It's been nice to see the sunshine in solid form vs. liquid hasn't it?! Take care.
Hi Carrie and Tracy, We live in San Ramon. Dexter's eyes are a mess-I think it is pollen because it is so bad here!Linda and Dexter
Linda K.
Hi Tracy!! I am in Clovis! What a coincidence! Here's my address: Care@psnw.com. I'd love to hear from you and maybe we can get together sometime! Yes, this weekend has been beautiful! The sunshine has been long-awaited! Hi Linda! My husband often works in your area. In fact, he was working in San Jose when we found Sophie. We purchased her from a lady in Los Gatos. Small World! I checked in a book that I have and it said that tooth and jaw development lasts until a little over a year old, and of course, exact cessation of development differs with every little fur-ball! So. . . I guess what that means is that you'll probably be experiencing the eye stain for a few more months. My neighbor, who has a four year old female maltese says her little one just stopped the staining when she stopped the teething! And the pollen I'm sure has contributed, too. I can't wait until we can get rid of these stains. They make my little girl look so unkept and unloved! (Although, we all know there couldn't possibly be any more love given to our babies!)
Hi...my vet recently gave me some Panamycin for my male Maltese's eye staining..and it has helped. He is 1 l/2 yrs old and is through teething...good luck

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