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Obedience Training
by Robin K.
Obedience Training We decided that Taffy would benefit from obedience training and get used to other dogs, (after her attacking that big dog on our front porch). So I started looking for one. There are no places here that offer Obediance Training. I can't find one anywhere, at least within two hours of us. Have any of you used any of the videos on the market, and do they really work? I sure would love to take her and am so disappointed. She's a very good baby, but I hear such wonderful stories on this site about it, I thought it would benefit Taffy to go.


Robin, have you tried any of the community colleges? They do that here in No Virginia. I plan on checking it out this spring for Buster. But if you find a video that works let us know.
Libby & Buster

It probably would benefit her to have formal training. Have you checked with your vet or the breeder? They might have leads on some trainers in your area. If not group classes, maybe an individual trainer would help. There are some good videos, but it's hard when you don't have someone to show you what you are doing wrong. Even one or two sessions would help you get started, so if there is one in a city that is close enough for you to get to, you may want to try it. It's still better to get a book and/or video then to do nothing, so if you can't find anyone, get a few different ones and use the ideas that you feel pertain to your situation best (you may want to borrow from the library first rather than purchase, so you see what works for you.. then buy the ones you like).
"Sirius Puppy Training" (yes...that spelling is correct!)is the absolute best on the market. By Ian Dunbar. Direct Book Service at 800-776-2665. You won't find it easily in the stores. Don't settle for anything less!! I've attended his seminars and workshops for several years and he's the best there is. Video is $22 alone or $39 with book. I'd go for both. And please don't fuss over the price...you get what you pay for. You've got the best dog....teach him the best way!
Anne, Thanks for the information. I hope it's just not for puppies, since Taffy is not a puppy anymore. I will check into it right away, its not a bad price at all! I am thinking about going over to stay with a relative who lives in a bigger town and see if there is an obediance school there. I do think the real thing would be better so she would be around other dogs. But I have to check and see if its daily or weekly. Thanks again!
Robin K.
Robin, all the group obedience classes I've been to are held on a weekly basis and then you go home and work with your dog on the lessons learned each week. Lessons usually last six weeks and require that you do your homework to insure that your pup learns what he's supposed to learn before he returns to the next week's lesson. Stick with it if you go. I've seen people drop out because they were not disiplined enough to work with their dogs. Nothing is more pleasent than a well behavied dog. Watch the people at the training session and you will be able to pick out the ones that will not be returning. Their dogs don't mind them, no matter what they say because they don't discipline their dogs with enought strengh in their voices to let the dog know that they mean business. You can over do it too, so only use the strength in your voice that is required by your dogs sensitivity, pay attention to your dogs responses, if he cowers, then be more gentle.
Robin, the video mentioned above is for puppies mainly, BUT it is done in such a manner that is appropriate for all ages. It covers socialization, behavioral problems (some), commands , advice, etc, etc. Classes are first, but this is great too. You don't want more than once a week classes. You need to go AT LEAST 5 or 6 weeks since at about 5 wks the pup says..."oh! That's what she wants me to do! Okay!"

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