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Short Hair Cut
by Zee
Short Hair Cut Can anyone tell me where I can find instructions on how to do a "puppy cut" for the summer months. Mandi Bear and Sugar Bear are going to have to have one this summer. We live in Fla. and with all the wet and hot weather they will do better I know. I do my own grooming and so far have threatened to cut them short but never have had the heart because they are so beautiful once they are groomed. It just isn't fair during the hot months however. Would appreciate any advice or leads.


Zee, There is a grooming video offered on this site, I bet it's a good one or it would not be offered here. Have fun grooming your babies!! (I sissor Taffy, she is terrified of clippers!)
Robin K.

We've just started the short cut on our 10 mth old. It is so adorable. We started with the 3" cut while keeping the top know and behind the neck long. The next time we went with the 2"--adorable again (topknot and back of neck still long). Our groomer tells me that she does lots at the 1" with the top knot and behind the neck long. I'd suggest you go one step at a time, but I've found the shorter she's cut the cuter she looks and so much more practical at the lake. I haven't had the nerve to cut her top knot or face short yet. Good luck!
Zee: I live in FL also and just yesterday I clipped KoKo for the summer months. I learned by watching my groomer when KoKo was a baby and when my groomer went out of business I decided I was going to do this myself. KoKo has a few "bad hair days", but on the whole she always looks good. I purchased the grooming tape, it is very good, but mostly deals with how to groom a show dog. I leave KoKo's head and ears long and pull them forward and start from the collar area and either use clipper or sissors cut. Put the hair you want to cut between you figures and cut a straight line. Continue and switch back and forth so it is even until all is evenly removed from the body. Now turn her over and do her tummy and chest. Also do the chest while she is standing to get even. Start at the shoulders to do the arms using the same figure holding techique and clip. Same with legs. Lift tail to remove hair under that area. I use a snub-nosed sissors so there isn't a chance to harm her. Make sure you clean the paw pads carefully. I check KoKo daily and clip any hair sticking out. My husband wishes I could keep his hair trimmed that nicely. It isn't any harder than cutting human hair.
Shelly and Joy, thanks for the tips. You do not cut the chin and neck hair either? Doesn' t the head hair go down over the back? I was under the impression you had to trim the head, ears, and chin and neck. No? I wanted to leave the legs a little longer so it looks like they have little pantaloons. They looks so cute that way. I have some photos but they are so long I am kinda afraid to cut that drastic. I did my silkey Pepper-mint last year and she looked like a puppy again and I swear she felt like one. She was dancing and prancing all over for months. (She is almost 10). I am afraid to use a groomer. Had some very bad experiences.
Zee, Yes I cut the chin and ears but they are much longer than the rest of the body. Only cut chin and ears everyother hair cut. KoKo's picture is in the Album, she had a pony tail then, now she has a topknot. Glad I could help. Good luck
I keep Comet in a puppy cut and he is groomed every three weeks by someone that comes to our home. You can see his photo, I believe he's #208 in the photo album.
I think you will like the puppy cut! I did my Jessie myself, but it was hard to clip her feet and ears... So I went to a groomer to help me out (after 1 year). ... But anyway, I think she is Adorable in her puppy cut! I like it a lot better (and so does she - we live in Georgia).
We don't cut the chin or the ears with our short cut, but Monique is only 10 months old so it hasn't grown that long in those areas yet. It is longer than the rest of the coat, but it blends in well.
Shelley...when you cut with scissors using fingers as rule, are your fingers parallel to hair part or perpendicular to it? In other words, inthe same direction as part or against? I'm thinking about cutting Ellie's again so she can enjoy the beach more (and I can enjoy taking her more!). I cut it two years ago and made a MESS...but she didn't care. She was so happy and jumped around "showing" the other dogs! "Look at me!!Look at me!" It grew back out fairly quickly. I cut the topknot. Don't think I will again, but the cut without the topknot is awfully cute....if it's done right!!
I like the cut that is a spaniel of sorts. Shaved back and neck tapering down to the sides; legs longer at top. tapering down to trimmed feet; Bangs rather than topknot, and ears left long, and face left long, but hair trimmed "square" under chin. look elegant!
I keep both of my Maltese in a long puppy cut, all year long. The fur is about 3-1/2"-4" long and my groomer trims the face in what they call a "Teddy Bear" face. It is adorable, and very easy to take care of!

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