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nose turning pink
by Ashley King
nose turning pink Well thank you for coming to my topic. Well anyways lately my beloved little Dexter's nose has been gradualy turning Pink. I had read in the discussion s once about some people who gave their dogs supplements to darken the pigment around the eyes and the nose. I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on how to darken his little nose? Dexter turned 2 a few weeks ago and has been inside because of the weather lately, would this have caused his nose to turn pink? Any suggestions would help o-lot! Thanks-


Hi Ashley, the pigment on Dexter's nose could by turning pink due to lack of sunshine because of the winter weather. Depending on where you live, if the weather isn't to cold and is sunny, take him out on those days even if its for a car ride. It could also be the type of bowl that he's eating and drinking from. If it's plastic that could be the culprit because the surface corrodes after a while. My yorkie had the same problem and when I changed the bowls to stainless steel, his nose became black again, though it takes a little while. I don't know about the supplements but I've read about them here a few times so check the archives I'm sure you'll find it there. Good luck.
Eva J.

Ashley, You'll probably gets tons of replies from people smarter on this subject than me but this is what I've learned from reading this board....I do think your little Dexter just needs a good dose of sunshine. I've been reading several concerns lately from people who are having the same problem, especially people like me who live in gloomy wintery conditions. I do think I also remember reading something about a supplement but I don't remember what it is. I even notice my Angel's little nose is getting lighter but with sping on the way I figure I can wait it out. You might want to check some of the previous postings and see if you can find more on this subject.
Sandee M.
Ashley, I agree you will get lots of response to this question. I also think it's the lack of sunshine. If you aren't showing Dexter I wouldn't worry about. It will turn black again.
Libby & Buster
Ashley King: I will be interested in hearing the responses to you question since we are starting to have the same problem. But I wanted to compliment you on your name, my daughter's middle is Ashely, our last name is King and we have a Dexter age 7 mos! What great taste you have!!Linda and Dexter
Linda K.
My babies nose's do the opposite as everyone else's. Their nose's turn a little pink in the summer from the sun fading them and in the winter their noses are jet black. Hmmmm, this is different! I love their nose's no matter what color they are though.
I think the post you remember mentioned kelp. My guess would be sunshine. Puppies seem to take longer developing their black noses. Summer pups don't take as long. Our adult dogs don't have a problem with this as they go outside with us frequently. As to the kelp, maybe in the archives?

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