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snoring & noisy breathing
by Diana Marie
snoring & noisy breathing My little Jassi is almost 3yrs old. She has always had a noisy or rather a sqeeky breathing sound. She also snores quite loudly for someone so little. I am wondering if anyone else has a little guy who does this or if I should do something about it. She has been to the Vet for somethings and to be fixed 2 years ago He has never mentioned anything about it but I had not mentioned it either. Would appreciate your comments.


My E.B. has always snored terribly loudly. When he had his teeth cleaned last summer, our vet asked me if he snored loudly at home, too, because he was one of the loudest snorers she had heard. He has a bad overbite which contributes to the problem. It also has something to do with an abundance of some kind of palate tissue in small dogs. My vet didn't seem to think it was anything to be alarmed about at this point. Sorry I can't be more specific, but perhaps you'll find this somewhat reassuring.

I also have a little girl who makes noises while sleeping - sometimes I think I have a cat laying next to me! She purrs like one. I don't think it's anything to be worried about - my vet has never said anything either. Sometimes I wonder if it's like "talking in their sleep" or just happy sounds. She acts quite normal other than that - which is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I also have a little boy who sometimes will make noises but not as often as the girl (both have been "fixed").
My "Baby" who is 10 also snores and breathes heavy. She started that about 4 years ago. After being checked at the vet, everything is fine but sometimes she does wake us up with that loud snoring. She sleeps at the top of our head! Sometimes she even moans in her sleep. My adult kids make fun of it when they babysit with her and complain she keeps them up all night.....Pay Back time......YES!!!!!
Marilyn, that was cute! I have a somewhat silly story about a pekingese I had many years ago when my real baby was three weeks old. My mother had been at my house for two weeks to help with the new (real) baby and me. My father came to join her and take her back to FL and woke up one night and heard very loud snoring. He iommediately rushed back to the guest room, woke my mother, and told her to go check on Jennie (real baby!). ....Is this like a man, or what...why didn't he just check on her while he was up??!!....Anyway, they checked, Jennie was asleep soundly in her crib. BUT...Miss Ming was snoring to high heaven in my room!!!He said he'd never heard a dog snore like that!Your dog's problem could be allergies, also.

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