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My baby is sick
by Barry
My baby is sick Last night at 11:30, Lexi started throwing up everywhere and having the runs uncontrollably. She had a little runs the night before, but nothing too bad and she seemed perfectly fine after that and until last night. So, we were really scared that our 4 month old baby was really sick. We flew in a cab to the 24 hr animal hospital here in NYC and she is there now. After we got there, she seemed to be better and stopped throwing up, etc... They were going to put her on fluids and do tests. When we left the hospital 2 hours later, she looked A LOT better than when we got there. We will here more later today. The doctor's best guess was parasites. Hope she'll be ok! Any similar experiences? If so, what was your diagnosis? Thanks to all of you!!


Barry, you were right to rush Lexi to the doctor. I haven't had any experience with this but please keep us posted.
Libby & Buster

Barry I can olny wish you the best of results and hope that Lexi is better soon - please keep us posted!
Leslie R
Barry, something similar happened when Baxter was about that age (maybe a tad older). He had it running out both ends at once, literally. The poor little guy. I was actually catching it in my hands. He recovered very quickly from that episode and the vet had us give him that stuff (can't remember the name) that they give babies to rehydrate them. Also, pepto bismol. To this day, we don't know what it was, BUT I do have an idea... My husband had been out in the yard and had pulled up a few mushrooms. I don't think he got whatever it was off his hands well enough before he played with Baxter. Just a theory. Good luck with Lexi. I had to be comforting to see her doing better before you left. Please post how she is and what it was.
Maltese being so small can get dehydrated quickly especially young puppies--you were smart in rushing her to the emergency clinic. There's an old saying I remember reading in a 1906 book on breeding small dogs, "A dehydrated, cold puppy is a dead puppy." I'm shocked that a parasite could do this and so happy you were quick on your feet. Please let me know what kind of parasite. Maltese is normally a healthy robust breed size considered, but from the few bouts of dehydration that I have experienced myself with flu's etc. it is amazing how fast living beings can weaken when dehydration sets in. Please keep us posted.
Beverly B. Passe
Barry, I can't offer any help or advice either but I want you to know I'll be praying for Lexi. Please let us know how she is doing. Also, after just reading the posting about the lady who kept her Maltese outside, it makes me feel a little better to see a good caring dad like you who obviously loves his baby. Take care.
Sandee M.
LEXI IS DOING FINE!!! After we left the hospital Monday night at 3am, she never had any more problems! They gave her fluids and did tests. All came back perfectly normal. They said it was either a parasite (which she is now medicated for) or she just had an upset tummy. She came home last night and is 100% back to her old self - waggin' that tail and licking and biting us Thank you all for your caring support! It's like we are all a big family!
Barry, you did the right thing, Thank God. When my girls throw up or have loose bowls I use Pepto Bismol too. I also give them an ice cube to lick. It really helped me and my human children when we had the flu so it can't hurt our fur babies. Please let us know what the Vet found and how your baby is doing.
Barry, just was checking messages here and saw you had a problem with your little puppy. So glad you were on your feet and to the vets! If more people did that they wouldnt have as many problems. Glad to here everything is OK1
So GLAD to hear your Pup is OK and back home where he belongs!
Linda S.
Barry, Thanks for posting the update on your little Lexi. So glad things are O.K. I know that was a scary experience and I'm glad you took the quick actions that you did. Our babies are so special and we hurt when they do!
Jackie Smith
Barry, My vet said that any time a puppy has diaarhea or throws up or just doesn't eat...give Pedialyte..same thing they give babies. I put some in a syringe to give them some at first, then put it in a bowl...they love it. Most books also tell you that dogs love fruity flavored..but the fruity kind is colored & they end up with orange or purple face hair. Works great with my dogs. If you give them some of this when you FIRST see a problem, it will probably solve it, BUT always take extreme cases to a vet.
Barry, Socks and I are so glad to hear your baby is doing fine. Hugs all around.

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