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Flea Season
by Linda K
Flea Season We live in Northern California and have to worry about fleas all year around. We have been using advantage on Dexter but because he likes to play outsite lately we have been giving him a bath weekly. I know that advantage says that their product lasts after a bath. What have this groups experiences been? Does anyone have experience with Frontline or Program? Thanks


This is a topic that definitely is on my mind. I've never lived in an area where fleas were a problem, but here in WA they are. I have Phoebe on Advantage & also on Sentinel tablets for total flea control - BUT I really would like to give her a bath more often because after a month she is rather stinky and her coat gets dull. It also seems to me that the Advantage ceases to work after about three weeks - or at least is less effective as fleas will start appearing. I am considering using Bio Spot instead because it's supposed to remain effective after bathing and wonder if this is true?
Leslie R

Hi Linda, the only flea pill I believe in is Program. I know a few people who have used Advantage and threw it out and switched to Program. In my opinion it's the best. You don't have to worry about washing it off during a bath either. Maybe talk to your vet and see what he/she says.
I have used Frontline Top Spot (similar to Advantage) for 3 summers on Lucy. She never has any fleas or ticks. The advantage is that the Frontline lasts through bathings if you don't bathe for a couple of days after application. I apply once a month through the summer and every couple or three months in winter. I am also going to look into the Sentinal. My vet thinks it is fine and combines the heartworm, other sorts of worms and flea protection in a once per month pill. Lucy absolutely is frantic if she has a flea on her and itches--she actually hates anything that "attaches" itself to her coat, even a blade of grass, so I will stick with the Frontline until I am sure the Sentinal works as well. Am curious if anyone here has used the Sentinal and what kind of results you've had.
cathy brown
When I first got Sara, I was using advantage. It seemed to work fine for a while then one day she was covered with fleas. I sprayed her,bathed her, just everything that I could think of. I was told by a friend to throw flea crystals on the yard every month and also I got some house spray for fleas from Home Depot that I use in the spring and fall, this kill any eggs, etc that could be in the house. I also started using Frontline, Since Frontline is so expensive, I buy the package for the largest dog which cost $2.00 more. I use an eye dropper with bottle and get the frontline out of the tube and into the bottle, I then use .023 each month on Sara which is the amount in the small dog tube. I have use 4 or 5 time out of one tube. This has really worked for me. I like frontline but I also think keeping your yard and house flea freehas a lot to do with keeping your baby flee free.I also tried Bio-Spot, was that a mistake. Sara didn't speak to me for several days. First, it has a strong citrus smell and there is so much to use that it makes a large wet spot on the hair that messes up her hairdo. When I put that on her, she immediatly got in her crate, which she never does, and she wouldn't come out. I was worried that the strong smell would make her sick, so I pulled her out. She still wouldn't look at me. Stayed mad for several day. Then I really had to beg her to forgive me.
Linda: I just had a conversation with my Vet about this subject as we live in FL and travel in the summer in our Motor Home. I was using both Program and Frontline. We decided only one was enough. Since I only use Frontline Spray in the winter months here and it works great I decided to stay with it during the summer too as it also protects against Ticks. We are spending most of the summer in Maine and I'm very worried about Ticks, more so than fleas. Once in a while I see a flea on one of my girls and that's a clue it's time for reapplication. Everyother month is enough for them and they are bathed every week to 10 days. Last year I tried the Bio stuff and it made such a mess of their coats I returned it to Forest Smith and they sent me my money back. Good luck
I used Advantage on Sunny for three months now and I noticed that it doesn't last the whole month. Sunny is bathed weekly. I told my vet and she said that her dog uses Frontline. It lasts three months since it's taken orally and you get 3 pills in a package so it's a nine month supply. After I use the rest of the Advantage I'm going to switch. As he gets older, fleas are starting to love him.
I asked my vet what he recommended, with the qualifier that I NEVER want to deal with a flea problem. He recommended Program which I have been using for 2-1/2 years on Bailey. I have never seen any fleas, and I live in an area of the country where they are very prevalent. My puppy, Buddy, is on Sentinel (for heart worm and flea prevention) and I will change Bailey over to Sentinel as soon as her prescription is done. It's expensive, but very much worth the cost!
I too have been using Frontline on my two Maltese and it works perfectly well. I tried another product and it caused a severe itching reaction. My daughter's Maltese had even more extreme reactions than mine had, and our vet told her to give her Maltese Actifed, which apparently worked after a few hours. I have other dogs, so I buy the size for large dogs which has three applications. I pour the contents of one vial into an eye dropper with measurements on the applicator, and use the correct amount for my Maltese. I get three applications out of one vial (.023 each time)--or nine to a package. This costs $25 versus $69. It is really great when you have four dogs (a Doberman and a Schnauzer.) This is a great web site. I recently lost my 14-year old Maltese, Kibbles. If you haven't read "Rainbow Bridge" at this site, please do. I buried a copy of it with her, and look forward to the day when I will see her again waiting for me beside Rainbow Bridge. That has been a great comfort to me, and helps to be not quite so sad.
linda savage
Well, Linda...now that you're thoroughly confused, let me tell you my experience with most all of the above! I used to use Defend (worked great...bathing all three dogs every week). Then we switched to Advantage and it, too, is very good...I bathe them twice a month now. And sometimes I use Biospot which I also like. Can't tell the difference in any of them, to tell you the truth. I have used Frontline spray...too messy for me, but many people like it. When using any of the ones you put on once a month (Advantage, Defend, etc.), try putting some baby powder on the oily spot the second day. It helps soooo much! Also, I treat my yard with granules every few weeks and I treat inside the house with Bio Flea Halt....which is 99% boric acid granule/powder. It last 1 year. You vacuum, sprinkle it in the carpet (not on hard floors), rake it in (with a rake...a leaf rake will do), and 5 days later, vacuum. You can get Bio Flea Halt from Omaha Vaccine Co. ( 1-800-242-9447). Or you can sprinkle with Boric Acid and follow same instructions. 3# will cover 1800 sq. ft. Keep the dogs off it until you get it raked in. Kills other bugs too. I live in FL and haven't had a flea in the house or on my dogs in 6 years. Good news for those who live where there's been alot of rain. "They" (media) say there won't be much of a flea problem since the excess moisture doesn't let the larva develop.( Do you believe this??!) Have fun with all this!!

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