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Maltese-Outside Dog?
by Lisa
Maltese-Outside Dog? I read on a email list recently where a woman said she kept her last maltese as an outside dog! Wow. How could a maltese survive outside all the time? A maltese is a inside lapdog not to tie to a tree. I know mine can't take the cold very long either. She also said the poor thing only lived to be 2 yrs old. what a shame.


Lisa, I can't believe anyone would do that to any dog let alone a Maltese. I won't have a dog I have to leave outside. I just think that is so cruel. It takes all kinds of people.
Libby & Buster

I read a very good book by the Skeet Monks. It dealt with many issues on owning and raising a dog(s). According to the Monks, NO dog is an outside dog. I wholeheartedly agree. Why would you want a dog and then leave it outside? Buy a bush. All dogs , especially Maltese thrive on love and attention. Unless you are living outside with them, how can you give them the love and attention they deserve?! I think having a dog outside should be against the law. I hope the lady who had her Maltese outside never gets another dog. When I think of that poor little Maltese left outside to die, I actually feel sick! Sorry, but you happened to hit upon a subject I'm very sensitive about.
Sandee M.
In Korea we keep dog inside house so it stay sweet and clean.
Won Kim
I live in FL and the only time my girls go outside is with me or my hubby. I wouldn't leave them alone while I went inside to get a cold drink, let alone live outside. When it gets cold in the winter the News Reports are always advising people with outside dogs to take precautions. Why don't they just let the dogs inside? What a sad world we live in when people are so mean to babies and animals.
Taffy lives inside, of course! BUT even when I had my big dogs, German Shepherds, they lived inside too and were very good. If a dog is not part of the family then it should not be part of that family!
Robin K.
Shelley and Robin, I agree with you. I got my Noah with the full intention of him always being indoors with me. I did a lot of research on the Maltese before I got Noah, and I learned that Maltese are strictly indoor pets. They are too delicate to withstand intense weather conditions because of the single coat they have. Maltese were born and bred to be companions. Don't our babies do a magnificant job? Noah's nickname is "Little Comforter", which is what the Maltese was once known as. He is lying here in my lap as I type.
April B.
Apparently some people value their carpet more than their Maltese (or other dogs). Pooh on them. This dog deserves to be "stolen" and placed in a better home.
Why have a dog if you leave it outside! I've seen too many neighbors keep there dogs outside and they get very little, if no love and affection. If the dog can't be part of the family then don't have one. Would you have kids and have them live outside???

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