Pregnant and worried to death!

My little tiny female, Noelle, is gonna have babies. She is 16 months old, and is usually very small (about 4 lbs.). She was bred on November 23 and according to my whelping chart, is due Jan 25. This is her first (and only!) litter. I took her to the vets on Tuesday Jan 7, and he said he thought she would deliver before the weekend! He took a radiograph and determined that she was carrying 4, and they all were headed in the right direction. My concerns are many and I hope someone can ease my mind. ous substance from her vulva, what does this mean? If she doesn't deliver until her due date, will the babies move around and change direction? Is it typical in Malteses that the umbilical cord will have to be cut by me? DO I need to have the clamps on the umbilical cord in the event that I have to help her? Where can I find them, and what happens if I cut the cord without them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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