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black eye rings
by martha
black eye rings Do puppies who are born without the black eyeliner around their eyes also always develop it later. Also do any of you have breeders who live in Texas that you can recommend from whom to purchase puppies, preferably around Dallas but not limited to there. I notice that there are rarely any listed in the Fort Worth paper and really not a whole lot even in the Dallas Paper. Maybe it's not "puppy season yet". I'm trying to get pointers from anyone about what to look for when I atually pick out a puppy other than what books normally tell you, as I have read several books and read all the archives here (it took hours), I want to buy two babies and I can't aford show dogs, but I do want as close to standard as I can afford or do you think anyone should be able to find a puppy who meets the standard, as I thought people should only breed dogs if they were trying to better the breed, therefore if that was true, it seems to me that there should only be pretty good quality dogs for sale. I guess that isn't true. My sister just bought a new baby maltese and it's so sweet but she looked for two months before she found the one that was made for her. She went to one breeder who showed her two mother dogs and they were scroungy looking and she wouldn't buy one of their puppies. They had bug bites and no hair on their tails and little hair on the rest of their bodies. They didn't look like the dogs in the photo album here on this site. Thanks!


Hi Martha! I read and responded to your other post on the pink nose question you asked. As for black eye rings, I don't know the answer to this question. If you are looking for just a pet than why does all this really matter to you? I have 3 maltese and love them sooo much. I paid a lot of money for my girls and they are not perfect but it doesn't bother me at all. They are beautiful, healthy and happy babies! If you want a dog with these qualities that you describe why not invest some extra money and buy a show quality dog? Than you'll get what you really want. Remember - maltese are the most beautiful dogs and a little flaw will not take away from their beauty. I understand maltese are not cheap dogs and you have a right to get what you're paying for but maltese are so special and they will love you sooo much. All they want to do is please their owners. So please don't let a pink nose spot or a not so perfect eye ring stand in the way from how you will feel about a dog. What would you do if you bought a dog that meets your expectations and than months later the dogs nose fades from black to pink- which does happen a lot in many breeds, especially in the summer. Will you love the dog less? Good Luck

Ditto, Angel on your response to this question. My baby boy Buster was born with pink eyelid rims but they are slowly turning black. His nose is almost black and he has black rims on his lips. His ears have the tan tint to them which is acceptable. But I don't care if he is show quality or not. He's my baby and that's all that counts.
Libby & Buster
It seems like you have the impression that the pet quality maltese have some sort of deformity such as a spot or hair missing, etc. Well I just wanted to tell you that that isn't so. No matter what, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for any maltese you purchase from a breeder. It's just that the least expensive ones are just not "perfect". For instance, my Sunny has an overbite and that's it. I think if I were to put him in a show they'd think he was perfect, his hair, the way he stands and runs, but the minute they check his teeth, he's finished. But, I go with what Angel says. You could love your pet no matter what he looks like. As long as he's healthy is all that matters. Good luck with your search!!
THANK YOU Angel & Libby for saying what I could not express! Martha, waiting for two months for a puppy is nothing - I waited for years with looking happhazzardly - actually I would look and look and get disgusted and take a break for a while - and then several months with some considerable searching. For me it ws not only a matter of finding a healthy dog, but one who had a personality that clicked with mine Oh yes, I hae seen far more sorry looking dogs than I care to think about & "breeders" who couldn't begin to answer the very simplest of questions. (my grandchldren live with us and I also had to find a breeder who would even talk to me!). Perhaps if you can't afford a show quality pup right now you may want to wait a while and save up your money. I must point out however that many breeders when selling you a show quality pup will require that you actually show and breed the dog. I know these litttle guys are expensive, but the initial outlay is only a small part of what they will actually clean out of your checkbook. Supplies such as toys and food and bedding and crates - added to vet costs and grooming , well yes it is expensive! Worth every penny. There is also a possibility that what looks like a sho quality pup at four os six months of age may develop a fault during the growing process. Please consider very carefully the investment of love and time that is involved in these wonderful dogs and not just appearances and money.
Leslie R
Martha - Jay has a place on the home page of this website "Stages of Maltes Growth" that will give you a good visual reference.

Two Maltese would be a joy, but by getting one puppy and waiting until later for the other you could possible afford to get a quality more to you liking and also that would allow for easier training with the one dog.
Leslie R

Well, I'm probably setting myself up to be blasted but here goes. I think you all were a little hard on Martha. Martha, I can understand your concerns on purchasing a Maltese. Expensive or not expensive, I see nothing wrong with wanting one as close to the standard as possible. I asked all the questions I could before I bought Angel hoping to get as close to possible to the standard. After we had her awhile and it became clear she was going to be bigger than we had hoped, I admit (with shame) I felt a twinge of disappointment. But the fact that I was looking for the "perfect" Maltese (on a limited budget, I might add) means nothing now. My husband & I love Angel WITH ALL OUR HEARTS! Even if she went bald and weighed 50 pounds! I guess what I'm trying to say is just because Martha wants a show quality dog doesn't mean she wouldn't love it to pieces if it turned out to be less than that. I also agree with her statement about breeders. I often wondered the same thing. If breeders are suppose to be trying to improve upon the breed, why are there so many Maltese that obviously fall short?
Sandee M.
Hi Martha! I have two maltese. It took me several months before I bought my first girl Shelby (I adopted my second, Nikki who is deaf and 6 years old). I would hesitate buying a puppy out of the newspaper. I felt quite uncomfortable when I looked at the ads and saw comments like "cash only." That didn't sound good to me at all. I had planned on buying a maltese from one of the breeders listed on MalteseOnly until I saw an ad from a local breeder listed in Dog Fancy Magazine. I checked her out carefully and asked her all the questions advised by Jay in this site. I've been very blessed with this sweetie! She was 2 1/2 years when I bought her (though I'd planned on getting a puppy - she and I fell in love when I visited the breeder!) A little extra bonus was that she was less expensive ($500) because she was not a puppy.

Why not check out Jay's list of breeders and also check with American Maltese Association. They'll send you a list of breeders that belong to their assoc.

My Shelby is a beauty and tiny at 4 lbs, but I have no idea if she would have been show quality at one time or not. My other girl, Nikki, would definately not have been show as she's way over standard size (she's 9 lbs). I love them both and they're both beautiful to myself and others, show quality or not!! Good luck and keep us informed!!
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)

I want to thank those of you for taking the time to answer my questions. I know you love your pets. I also love my pets. I have all the dog equipment already bought. I bought it last week, new crates, toys, bedding, even food, and books as I've mentioned.. I read the warning that sometimes people on this site may be angry or attack people. I sure feel like I have been jumped on, but all I wanted was good information and some of you gave that to me and then jumped on me, but everyone is different and I just happen to like my pets to be as close to being what they are supposed to be or look like, and that is no reflection on others who do not mind if their pets don't meet standard. I would not condem anyone for how their taste runs and I believe once you choose your pet, you should love it and do anything to help it adjust to it's new home, no matter what may happen to it. I can love a "best quality that I can afford" just as well as a pet who has a thin cottony coat instead of a silky one , pink nose and no black eye points at all, but I know that people are supposed to be not breeding that type of dog, and if they were doing a good job, people who were paying good money for their pet malteses would be getting what i am looking for in a pet. Thankfully, a breeder who does care about the quality of the puppies she breeds has been in contact with me and for the same price that a lesser quality dog would have cost me, I now will be able to own two little puppies who do meet the standards, I will have to wait four months for them, but it will be worth it. Thanks again for the help and I do very much appreciate the kindness and graciousness of those of you who did not find it necessary to jump all over me.
If you think you were being jumped on, e-mail me and I'll really express my feelings on your expectations for a dog! I want to say more here but I can't since it won't have many nice words in it. You are being overly sensitive IMHO.
Hi Martha! I'm glad to see that you have located a reputable breeder who will be able to provide you with a wonderful fur baby or 2. Although I cannot apologize for another's poor manners, I do want you to know that others of us understand where you are coming from. I personally sold a large collection of antique glass and table ware to purchase my purebred Maltese, Nicky and the trade was well worth it. I, like you, did alot of research...most of it here on this site. My Nicky is picture perfect: his one fault is that he will be around 7 lbs. fully matured which is a slight bit heavier than the "desired" show dog at this time. Otherwise, he has no faults...all of his points, personality and silky coat! A good breeder will definitely be breeding to improve the quality vs. making money. It was good you asked many direct, straight-forward questions. I would encourage you to remain here with us at MO despite some of the criticisms you incurred. The good thing is that each and everyone has a love for their dog and the breed in general and will never purposely lead anyone astray. Good luck on your babies to come...the time will pass quicker than you realize and will be more than worth the wait!!!
Martha - It was not my intention to "jump all over you", I apologize if it came across that way.
Leslie R
Hi Martha, I sure hope I didn't come off as jumping on you as I sure didn't mean to! I do understand your wanting a beautiful maltese and wanting it to be as close to standard as possible. I never felt your questions reflected negatively on you in the least and I just hope my comments didn't reflect badly on me! Anyway, I hope you'll continue to visit MO as you'll not find another website where people share your love of these sweeties, plus you'll find invaluable info. on this breed here and will have plenty to contribute as you spend time with your new fur babies. Friends I hope??
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)
Martha, I don't think anyone meant to jump all over you....I certainly didn't. We all want our fur babies to be as close to perfect as can be. My Buster has all the points, and a silky coat that a perfect Malt should have but weighs in at 10 pounds, so not perfect. What I meant was I love him no matter what. We all try to give "our opinions" to try to help others, not to hurt them. E-mail comes across as harsh sometimes when it is definately not meant to be. I applaud you for doing so much research and taking the time to find the perfect ones for you. Good Luck! I hope you will continure to visit MO also, and give us your thoughts to help us too. Again, I apologize.
Libby & Buster
If our loving and devoted pets could read I wonder what they would have to say about all of this! I as well am impressed with all of your research on the breed. I think that you can never ask too many questions, one main reason this website is so popular. If everyone was as educated and concerned about the breed as you are, bad breeders would go out of business, AND even less than show quality pups would still find very loving homes. I am a natural animal lover and I adore my little Maltise show quality or not, but I have to admit that in choosing the breed I fell in love with all of the finer qualities too. I see nothing wrong with wanting to get as close to the standard as possible, after all the fussing we do, it's so satisfying to show a well groomend, well cared for, beauty, even if only to yourself. In my opinion they all deserve a blue ribbon for "Best in Love". Good luck, Susan

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