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Dancin Babies?
by Opal, Veba, & Lalita
Dancin Babies? Hello everyone!!! My Lalita is now ten months old. i was reading a post the other day about T.V. watching and it amde me think of my little girl and her dancing. I love music, and I love to dance. I noticed that when Lalita was a few months old she would prance around me (when I was dancing) so I grabbed her paws and started dancing with her. Needless to say she is hooked, and she now even initializes it by hopping on her hind legs as if begging me to join her. I have to admit more times than not, I do. Veba, my cat, looks at us from her coxy perch like we have completely lost our minds. She definitely gets a lot of attention when people come over, they're suprised and happy when she comes up to them and 'begs them to dance.' Lalita can also walk on her hind legs for several seconds. She even 'shakes hands', and gives 'high fives' along with some other tricks that I have taught her. Does anyone else have 'Dancing Babies?'


Taffy loves to dance too! We put on music and she dances around me or puts her front paws up on me and follows!! They are so cute, aren't they?
Robin K.

Oh yes! Does our dog dance! He can break dance, pirouette like a ballet dancer, and dance and beg and wave at the same time! They are so cute! He can also walk on hind legs with arms hanging down and looks like a bear!
Dear Opal, Vebra & Lalita: Both KoKo and Shayna love to dance. That is one of their favorite trick. They too can stay up for a long time. I never did it to music with them, but I bet it's really cute. We have 2 birds that like to sing and they can dance to their music sometimes.
Yeah, they are so cute when they do this. All I have to say is "Up!" and Sunny stands. When he does, I clap and smile at him. I love it when he does this in public because then everybody sees how cute my baby is and they just have to stop and say Hi to him. It's as if he knows people like to see him do this and he does it to get a reaction. He's so smart!!
My Harley stands on his hind legs and turns circles several times. He has an unbelievable sense of balance and strong back legs. The cutest thing he does though is stand upright on his hind legs and hop across the room like a kangaroo with his front paws posed in front on his chest. It is sooo adorable and funny.
Linda S.
OOOH DARN ! I thought my new little rescue was the only exceptionally talented little Maltese with this ability in her repetoire! AND I also thought that she was doing it only in grateful response to the excess of love and care she that she is becoming accustomed to here! When she wants to be picked up she will stand on her back legs and walk as far as need be to get to me...its absolutely heart tugging to see. She has however also started to demonstrate this ability to benefit herself in other more self serving ways- like trying to see whats on the kitchen counters( Gravity gonna be on my side today? Anything up there in peril? like a N.Y. strip maybe?..) and by using this newly aquired skill the little wench has discovered the (Oh, the shame..) joys of " Doggy Dumpster Diving" otherwise known as gettin in the garbage can!
Puff is an acomplished dancer and actor (i.e. a ham), although he is presently in retirement due to his arthritis. At 14, he still likes to put on a good show for company, although not as much jumping and spinning. I started teaching him tricks because he enjoyed training so much and was getting bored with the usual routine. Besides dancing (spin in circle on hind legs without support), he shakes hands, hi-5's, walks several feet on his hind legs, plays dead, rolls over, balances a cookie on his nose, speaks, and, when he was able to hear, he could distinguish three different toys to fetch (he still fetches by hand signal, but now just whatever I point at). He does all his tricks with hand signal commands, as well as the traditional obedience (sit, lie down, stay, etc.). My uncle says I made him into a circus act, which is probably true, but we both have fun, so what's wrong with that?

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