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by *Molly Maltese*
Ouch! [tail down & hanging head]The other day my well-being Mistress decided to try yet another [rolling eyes]remedy to remove stain. Whatever is her obsession of wanting me sparkling white? Does she think she's Lady MacBeth?

Anyways, she picked me up from where I was hiding behind the couch unfastened my hair clip and into the tub I went[ears laid back]. What's wrong with her nose? Can't she smell I cried as tears went unnoticed down my cheeks. I humped my back as the cold mixture poured over me.

Woolite mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide??? Another *damned* half-baked E-mail List remedy, I thought as I stood like a toy soldier under assault. But then I could feel the warming. It felt so comfy after being soooo cold. I enjoyed the massage from her tingling magic fingers until the tingling turned to burning.

Ouch![twisting & struggling to escape] The burning became unbearable. "Out Out, Damned Spot!," she chanted as she gripped me tightly by my neck to prevent my escape.

Finally, she noticed my skin had turned beet red and flooded me with cold water.[brrrrr]I screamed and cried under the hot dryer as the brush scratched my burning skin.

Had she just called "Woolite" before subjecting me to this torture they would have told her that this product wasn't designed for living beings -- even though it is great on carpets.

But "NO" she stares at the great Wizard behind the screen like she used to read her BIBLE. It has become her Bible, it has replaced her friends who used to come and awe over me, it has replaced our play times together except as I curl at her feet as she worships.

I watch the pompous personalities strut across the screen trying to out-do each other. They used to be fun and laugh and play with each other, but now it seems a contest of debate and hate.

[sniffing electrical plug]As I wonder if I chew this out if it will all go away?


Dearest Molly...If it continues, ask Jay for my email and I'll come rescue you! I'm in hopes this was simply a FYI "what if..." scenario, but if in fact a true event I can only say one thing as gently as I can.... Would you wash your hair in Woolite and Hydrogen Peroxide?!

For future reference...Hydro-Peroxide is something we use in the hospital for nasty, infected wounds after it has been diluted per the MD orders. For anyone who in grievious error follows any such advice again...call your local poison control center to find out how to properly treat it immediately. The centers are for animals as well as humans. Then follow-up with your vet! Good rule of thumb...if you cannot use it on a toddler...you CANNOT use it on a dog!!!!

Molly, WOW, your Mommy used Woolite on you? It makes you wonder what she was thinking about! Humans should not use household cleaners on little defenseless doggy babies should they? I guess next time you need to hide under sonething where she can't find you!
Robin K.
Molly, KoKo and Shayna could not have said it better. I sometimes feel bad about spending so much time at the big screen on the desk. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope you're feeling better.
This is just very, very sad. Molly, you can come and live with me and I promise I'll accept you even if you have stains. We'll never try any remedy that would hurt you. You poor baby! Whoever wrote this it sounds like you are searching on your computer for different remedies for tear stains and you tried one that hurt your dog and wrote this in a dog's perspective? Maybe you spend too much time at the computer looking up things about your dog and maybe you are now realizing you are neglecting your dog in the process? Can you post again and elaborate more about what message you are trying to get across-in a human perspective? Hope you feel better Molly!
Brilliantly written.
Ditto on all of the above....tell your mommie not to worry about those stains! Buster say you can come live with him. I too feel bad about the time I spend here and I make sure I am paying attention to Buster when I am on the computer, i.e. him sitting on my lap or throwing his ball, etc. We all admit to being addicted to this site but we can't ignore our fur babies. they come first!
Libby & Buster
Poor Molly - Im Taylor what a terrible experience. You need to tell your mommy not to try these things without another human there who really knows what their doing. You also need to tell her to get the right stuff. She was supposed to use 50% liquid woolite and 50% 20 volume peroxide and then half that mixture by another 50 %. of water. I read that same email with my mommy. It was also not for tearstains it was for urine stains. My mommy had a peroxide mixture put on me and I had no problems at all but she didn't do it herself. And now after your story boy oh boy am I thankful. But it is very dangerous and unless your going to be a model like me its not worth it. Let her know she can damage your eyes, I know somebody who is now blind. Take care and let me know how your doing. Taylor......wag wag lick lick.
Kathy S.

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