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Peeing When Excited
by Steph
Peeing When Excited Here's my embarrassing problem. Whenever I come home from work she gets excited, does her little dance, and flips over belly up so I can scratch her tummy. When she flips over, some urine trickles out onto the carpet and I can't understand why this happens. I'd say it happens 4 out of 5 times. The fifth time, she can control it or her bladder's empty. She never does this when my husband comes home from work. Does anyone else have this problem?


Steph--this more often than not is submissive behaviour common in females especially. My Malt-mix girl does this when my husband comes home. I tell him to just say hi to her and wait about 5 minutes, long enough for her to settle down, before he pets her. The majority of the time it works. When he forgets, I usually hear a groan and "Oh Muffin!" and just smile. Muffin always looks sheepish after it happens, but I don't scold her, I just take her outside and tell her it's ok. I guess after having Cocker Spaniels, who manage on an empty bladder to soak your shoes, I don't find it too disturbing. Good luck :-)

This problem is called submissive urination. Try ignoring your dog for 4-5 minutes when you get home, and don't look him in the eye. After that time, calmly pet him, and try not to get him excited. You didn't say how old your dog is, but it gets better as they get older. My dog still does this occationally. Even to guests (embarassing). If we hold him when they come over, it is fine. But if we let him greet them at the door, if they reach down to pet him, they may get a sprinkling of urine on their shoes! We try to tell everyone to ignore him for a little while, then he is fine. Hope this helps. You are not alone.
Shayna did this only once, and it was after we had been gone for 5 or 6 hours. I assumed she had a really full bladder. There was a good discussion about this a few weeks ago and someone recommended you don't pay any attention to her for a while. After she stops her wild behavior to pet her and talk to her. Hope this helps.
Ditto on what Patti and Shelley said above. My Buster has the same problem and he is 7 mos old. The vet says they will grow out of it. I try to ignore him when I come in but he gets so excited to see me. Hopefully he will grow out of it.
Libby & Buster
Emma does this too. I talked to a trainer about it, and he said it is excitement and she probably isn't even conscious of it. He told me to ignore her completely - NO EYE CONTACT- until she settles down then say hello. I have solved the problem at home by taking her outside immediately and saying hello out there. Then she pees all over the sidewalk and I don't care.
every time when there is guest come to our house, my dog nash will get excited and he too will pee on the guest if they carry him

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