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Licking the rug
by Trish
Licking the rug I love this website! Our little Heidi is the light of our lives. She is seventeen months old and grows more precious every day. She has a wonderful disposition and loves everyone. She is wonderfully healthy (except for the dreaded reverse sneezing) but she does have one habit that mystifies us. She loves to lick the rug in the bedroom. She can do it nonstop for long periods of time. She is not easily deterred from this either. Any similar instances ?


Lilli also licks the rug like it's the most wonderful thing since dry dogfood. She will lick all types of carpeting. I have tried spraying the rugs with Bitter Apple which works until I vacuum it off. Then she starts licking again immediately. I, too, am very curious as to what causes this behavior. Is something lacking in her diet, or does she just enjoy the stimulation this must provide to her tongue? Beats me!

We have experienced this with one of our animals and we decided it was a nursing instinct.
Chad Christensen
My little Jassi will do this only if she has a tummy ache.Otherwise she doesnt
Diana Marie
Petunia is 4 years old and she will lick the carpet, sofa, feet...anything! It seems to occur most often right after she has eaten. She is healthy and happy, therefore it must be harmless! I guess it's a dog-thing!

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