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white shaker syndrome
by Christine A.
white shaker syndrome hi, My baby Chelsea has White Shaker Syndrome, she has had it since Sept. 12, 97. She has been treated with steroids and was on them for the past 5 mths. Her treatment stopped about a mth. ago and has since relapsed back to her eyelids blinking and head shaking. Her neurologist said to start back on the steroids with a 1/2 pill, 5mg. every other day for a month, and then 1/2 pill, 5mg. every 3rd day for a month. Has anyone else had a relapse with their maltese after receiving treatment? And if so, then what did the doctor advise to do? Did the dog eventually fully recover? My Chelsea is 19 mths old. And I am extremely interested in learning more about this rare disease. Thanks for any information.


I do not have any info to give you on this disease, But I would like to know exactly what it is and is it genetic? I have never heard of white shaker syndrom. Are there any other symtoms? Hope your little baby gets the help she needs and gets well soon!
Diana Marie

Sorry no advise from here, but just wanted to send good wishes and prayers for your baby.
I've only seen one case of this personally, and that was in a 1 year old westie. I'm sorry, but I don't know what treatment was given or how well it worked -- he had been referred to a specialist and I didn't see him after that. It's a neurological disease that has something to do with underdeveloped or damaged myelin (its the sheath that surrounds nerve fibers). The cause is unknown, but it as is noted in smaller, white coated dogs like Westies and Maltese, I'd guess there is a genetic factor involved here. (IOW, don't breed dogs with this and notify the breeder of the condition). I'm so sorry you are going through this, and I do hope the neurologist is able to offer some more help for your poor little baby. I don't have much information on the disease, but maybe the vet could suggest some websites or articles on this subject.

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