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How to train?
by Mike
How to train? Hiya,I am having a real hard time training Missy (5 1/2 Months) anything like sit and stay. When I tell her to sit I gently push her butt down and then praise her. She thinks Im playing and then starts running all over the house and I cant calm her down again to try it again. HELP!! :) I read down and saw a post about spaying. I had Missy spayed last week and boy I'll tell you I picked her up and she was all over me in the car, and as soon as I put her down in her bed she was trying to run everywhere and trying to jump on the couch. I use the word trying cause if I wasnt watching her she would have done it. She was in no pain what so ever. I made sure I carried her most of the time or else she would be attempting to jump on everything. Boy they tolerate pain well!!


Mike: This is a great book called "Supertaining Your Dog" by Paul Loeb & Josephine Banks. Also "Dogs for Dummies". My Shayna was harder to train than KoKo. If they don't listen make a noise, load and clear to get their attention and make them go back and do it again. Have you tried not letting her eat her food until you say OK? My babies look at the food and look to me for the OK before they can eat. That's also a power thing, but it teaches them to follow instructions. Good luck She is very young, it will come.

Mike, sounds like you have one adorable little baby with "attention deficit!" Had the same problem with my little Mandi. However, she was crate trained. Whenever she got hyper I would put her in her crate until she calmed down. Then gently took her out, spoke softly and told her to sit. When she did so she would get a kibble of her food. Worked like a charm. I totally believe in the crate training. They end up loving it and it is of great comfort in times of stress and after surgery. We here call it the "condo". When you tell her to go to her "condo", she goes right to it and settles down. Great gimmic. Good luck and enjoy her.
Sounds like you got a real little spitfire there! I think you need some formal obedience training. You may not be giving the signal at the right time or correcting at the right time. Training is all a matter of consistency and timing. A good trainer can show you what you are doing wrong, then you can practice at home. You can ask for referrals from your vet or breeder, or friends/family members, to a class or individual trainer. In your case, individual training may be better as she is an active little girl and the distraction from groups may be hard to deal with. You may want to do both.
Last wk I posted about "puppy biting" one response was feed rice 3 times a day from a fork. I didn't see what this would accomplish, but did it anyway. DO IT! I have seen results. Also on another post about training, I believe the same person, highly recommended "Sirius Puppy Training" a video and book. I received these 2 days ago. Quigley is 12 wks old and has responded immediately to sit, down was harder because he is already so close to the floor. The 3rd time we went through the routine (same day, only takes a minute) he was going down. 1-800-776-2665 total cost was $46, $39.50 + $6.50 s/h. You can purchase the video seperately. I am not advertising, just letting everyone know the results I had.
Mike, I don't think you have a problem. What you have is a very young and feisty little squirt. Just keep working with her. She likes the attention and it's good for your rapport. She'll settle down soon.
Hi Mike, seems to me you have a little super dog! My Taffy was quiet for 3 days before she got on her feet after being fixed. Each day she got more alive! That was a pleasure because she's usually is a super dog too. Crazy. Believe me, it takes time. I thought my Taffy would never train, but she did. All she wanted to do was play. But you have to be persistant, over and over, she'll get it, don't be discouraged, they'll all different. I give Taffy when in training a smallest bite size of cheese. It takes maybe a half of slice to do it, because I'm really against human food, but that seems to work for me. If you have a Petsmart close to you, that might be a help to get her started, about $l00 for 6 lessons. It started Taffy off to "sit" command. That one took weeks, but it got easier. She was 8 month old at that time. Try teaching her for about l0 minutes a day to start. You can do it! Margaret & Taffy
I just received a free catalog from Foster and Smith. (Ithink I received it from a list they receive from the AKC--when registering puppies). They offer a free video about how to train your puppy when you order one of their crates--you also receive a free newsletter for one year. Our puppy would not adjust to the plastic kennel. We bought the wire kennel from a pet store, but found it to be too bulky and hard to take apart for travel. Our new crate will be wire and it 'folds' in seconds. Good luck on your training.
Gloria, I was the one who reccommended the "rice on a fork" and "Sirius Puppy Training". I'm so glad you are benefitting from both! I can't sing Ian Dunbar's praises enough...he has changed dog training from negative to positive reinforcement. Keep up the good work with Quigley! (It's soooo nice for trainers to get positive reinforcement, too!! Thanks!)
Thanks to everyone who replied.Last night I ordered the Sirius Puppy training video. Today I got an e-mail that it was being sent out priority mail, so I should have it by Friday. I know she can be trained, because she is 99% housebroken. It took almost a month, with taking her out every half hour. And watching her like a hawk. And I think she has finally realized what no means. I have to tell her sternly and she drops flat on the floor with her tail wagging. I must say she is a really good dog. Our other maltese was a chewer. She has many toys she just plays with for hours, so she doesnt chew on the table etc.. She is just hyper. But loves to give kisses.Anyways, I can go on and on and on...Cant we all Mike
I have trained 2 dogs, and the key thing that I have always beleived in was to use a choke chain. It won't hurt the dog and it makes them know that you mean business. You might also try to find an training class in your area. A dog should be trained in 8 weeks. You also have to run through your exercises once a day, keep a steady routen. Also make sure that you are praising your dog. They will work better if they think that you will praise them.
Okay...can't keep my lips zipped about this! I very strongly disagree with using a choke chain, especially on toy breeds. Everything has its place, but I firmly believe a choke chain can cause irrepairable damage to the throats of dogs, especially the smaller breeds. In addition, it teaches the dog by negative reinforcement rather than positive reinforcement. Studies have shown that in addition to throat damage, injuries to dogs' backs have been blamed on chokes and over-eager owners. You'll see in your new video the best and most positive way to train your dog...whatever breed. Enjoy!

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