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small bump
by Kimberly
small bump My Chelsea has a small bump on her back. She just got it over night, and it is not stationary. It does not cause her any apparent discomfort .I have an appointment with the vet on Monday. I was wondering if anyone has had this experience, and if so, what was the outcome?


Kimberly, we found a small bump on KoKo in December. It was behind her neck. It was a wart, came off in a jif and no problems at all. Is it ruff and hard? Is it on the surface? The Vet said it was common in older dogs. KoKo is 2 1/2, but the Vet seemed to feel that's an older dog. It has not returned. Hope your bump is nothing serious.

It is best that you do have your vet check this out, it could be many things. I have had a bump caused by a vaccination, a fatty benign tumor and an insect bite reaction. All not very problematic and they resolved themselves. The catch is whether it gets bigger or not. Best to have these things checked out. Good luck.
Dear Kimberly, I'm not sure, if your baby has the same problem, but when Pepper was approximately a year old, I noticed a lump (about the size of a quarter)on his back near his back legs. The lump did not appear painful to him and did not appear to bother him. Needless to say I panicked and predicted the worst. The vet removed the lump and sent it for autopsy as a precaution. The results came back as scar tissue and nothing to be concerned about. The vet had no explanation as to where it may have come from, but assured me that it was not harmful to the dog and Pepper has been fine since. Hopefully, things will work out as well for you and your little guy. Good Luck and wrtie back as to what it is.
Dear Kimberly, Is the bump underneath the skin or above/on the skin of your maltese? My 6-year old maltese Scruffy had a pebble sized bump underneath his skin on the right shoulder. It turned out to be a cyst, and it was slightly movable. We had the dog taken to the vet and they removed it in surgery. Scruffy had to be anethesized, of course, and after the surgery, he was left with stitches in that region. The anethesia made him weak for the next couple of days, and he was annoyed at the stitches, but soon he was back to his running, pillow-attacking self as usual.
John Phillip
Kimberly,Has your baby had a vaccination or shot in the past month or so? It is a good idea to check with you vet first, but my experience with my two babies is that the vaccination sometimes forms a lump around where the shot was given (usually in the back, just behind the neck). My vets instructions were to gently rub the area four or five times a day for a couple of weeks to help disseminate the medicine. I am sure your baby is just fine, but keep us informed. You can't go wrong by going to the vet.
Chuck Norman
Kimberly, my friend's shih tzu had a little one about the size of a dime on the top of her head. It moved around a little (gave me the willies). The vet said it was nothing to worry about and to leave it alone. I think you're smart in getting it checked out. Let us know what it is, okay?
Could you describe it in more detail? You say she got it overnight, but are you sure you just didn't over-look it previously? Is it hard or soft? How small/large? Is there any color change to the skin darker, redness)over the area or hair loss? Has she been vaccinated recently, and is it anywhere near the area she was vaccinated? My dog's have had a host of benign lumps and bumps over the years (confirmed by my vet of course) including cysts, warts, insect bites (being that it was a sudden thing this is a possibility), vaccination site reactions, lipomas, allergic reactions, and one rather nasty abscess from a cat bite. I do hope this turns out to be one of these common, rather harmless, things rather than something more serious.
Thank you to everyone who replied. Yes, Chelsea has been vaccinated in the passed month, and yes it is the same area of her vaccination. It would be wonderful if that is all it is. It is the shape of a shelled peanut, it is squishy, moveable, and under the skin. No hair loss, and no discoloration of the skin or hair. I will write and let everyone know what the vet says.
Kimberly, Just read your post and your reply and it really does sound as if it is just a reaction to her vaccination. I had the same with my Bailey. I'm sure everything will be fine and be sure to let us know. Good Luck!
Robin D.
The Vet said he feels it is just from her vaccination. Thank GOD. It is allready reducing in size. If for some reason it does not go away completely he wants to see her back. Thank you to everyone who replied.

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