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Archived Message

by Gloria
Marking? Quigley, 12 wks, has 2 6 month old maltese friends he plays with regularly. Bailey will wet all over the room and especially by Quigley's crate. When we visit Bailey he just wets at Quigley's crate. What do you do about this, our boys will be neutered at 7 months. Will this stop then, what can I do so Quigley won't do this at others homes. All these dogs are well trained to pads, including Quigley. I don't think this is just urinating, my sisters dog 6 1/2 months does it, too. Bowthasar it house trained.


Gloria, the only dogs who do this in my house are unneutered ones that visit! The smell of another dog's urine, a feeling of insecurity, or feeling threatened can instigate this. It makes the dog feel better: "You belong to me", for instance. The best way to stop it is to prevent it. The markers should be kept on leash perhaps, until a few minutes more into the visit. Never allowing a dog to mark outside his own territory is reccommended, but takes a lot of enforcement. Neutering is suggested.

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