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Nicknames - Fess Up!
by Marie
Nicknames - Fess Up! I'm curious if the rest of you are as goofy as we are when it comes to talking to your little beasts. My guys have acquired quite a collection of names. Some they answer to - some they don't. Baxter, a.k.a., Schmoopee, Puppy, Poopy Puppy, Fat Boy and Pooh. Rudy, a.k.a., Fluffy Butt, Rudy-Tutti Fresh & Fruity, and Little Sh--. They both respond to Sweetie-Pie, Cutie-Pie and Honey-Buns. (I also get my husband's attention with that last one...) These all, by the way, are spoken in "baby-speak". Please don't leave me out on a limb here, what are the pet names you call your little fluff-balls? Marie


I laughed when I read this post. Never thought of how funny it was until now. Sunny a.ka. Stink, PooPoo Bear, and Sunny Bunny. Not that many right now, but I'm sure he'll aquire more as time goes on. Thanks!!

Puff has been referred to as: Pufferwuffer, Puffermuffin, Puffster, Puffiebaby, Puffenstuff, furball, fuzzball, creampuff, rug rat, hairball, and, on those particularly fun days, the little monster/demon/devil/terror. Also, many of those names you mention like cutie-pie and such. I feel much better now... I thought we were the only goofballs out there.
You got me! I'll confess. For our dog Buster: Buster-Bunny, He's so cute and funny.... The dustBuster, when he needs to pick up crumbs on the floor.And Buster-Baby.
LOL, Marie-I use "poopy puppy" for Noah, too. Also, "fluff muffin", "darling", "precious", "sweet little thing", and "you sweet little boy".
April B.
Mzrie - what a hoot!!!Fluffy-butt? Rudy-tooty, freshan d Fruity??? wow. I thought i was bad. I'm glad you mentioned that spouses also respond to some of the little names we call our doggies. mine, too. The one other name th at otto answers to ( and he prances when he answers this call) is when I say "Come, come come, my little man!!!) It works every time!
Well....ok! Taffy gets called Miss Taffy, Taffina, Taffeta, Spoiled Rotten Little Mutt, Baby Doll, Sassy Taffy, Taffy Waffy, and also Little S*** as well!! All this is baby talk of course, because this is the only language she knows, except of course the bad adult words like, Stop, Sit, Come, Stay and No. She does prefer the baby talk and responds well to that. ONLY here would I fess up to all this!! Oh, I almost forgot, she loves to be called, Mommy's Baby!!
Robin K.
OK Marie, Buster's nicknames: Bustie, Bustie Doodle, Bustums, Pooky, Pookems, Bus, Doodle Bug, ....also Little Sh--, :) and yes all in "Baby Talk"....
Libby & Buster
Ok, I admit it... I also talk to Beau like a baby. In fact, I rarely call him Beau at all, but Beauey, Baby, Little Baby Beauey, etc. I really am pushing for another one to call "Peep". My husband has given up on my sanity....
Marie, how about Boobie, poochie poo, booba-loots, coochie, little devil, princess (because that's what she is) ofcourse, baby, just to name a few. Margaret & Taffy
Oh and ofcourse, Poochie! Margaret
KoKo AKA, Koker Doker, Koker Doks, Doks, KoKo Bear, K Bear, Sweeter Deets & KoKomo (her real name). She answers to all of them. Shayna, Shayna Bain, Bain, Rascal, Sweeter Deets, Girls (both answer to the last 2), and of course, Shayna Punim, that's her real name. I've come clean and feel so much better for it. I try not to let too many people hear me call them by their pet names. We know we're crazy for these babies, does the world have to know too?
We've got alot of names for our baby Mason too. My husband (the one that never wanted a dog) calls him "punky". We also call him punky poo, pee wee, puppy wuppy, sugar bear etc, etc. And he comes to them all too!
Karen kluitenberg
Hello! I have more endearing terms for Ellii than I do anyone! haha! Ellii May, El, Ellii Bell, Mama's Baby, My Little Girl, My Sweet Baby, Sweet Girl, Mama's Sweet Baby,..... I could go on and on and on and on....They are just tooooooo precious!
Yes, Marie, I think we're all guilty of speaking "Motherease" to our little ones. I call my Sophie, pumpkin, sweetie and precious. And, yes, occasionally Little Sh--!! Mostly after she's done it in the wrong place. (We're having a terrible time with that - peeing is fine, but we have poopie problems. It's almost as if she needs her privacy to poopie!) We have signed up for a class on housebreaking. You can imagine the crazy looks I get when I'm talking to her in the car and no one can see her! Then, when I take her out strangers come over to pet her and start talking to her in baby babble, too! She loves the attention!
Oh, I forgot to mention: Cutiepie, and Boob-a-nel !!!!!! Margaret and Taffy again
Marie, I call Comet, "Commie" Commie-Kazie and Communist since his color is red. Anybody else want to try?
Ok I won't leave you hanging. My little guy Gimzo: Gizzy, Gizzy-mo-mo's, Mo-mo's, Gizz, Gizmud, GizMATT, Giz, Sweatheart, Sweatie, Darling, Baby, Puppy and then when he has bows in his hair my husband calls him Gizzy-Homo.
Kathy S.
What a howl I got from reading all of your nicknames!! (Especially Kathy S. - Gizzy-Homo!! I'm still laughing!!) I am so glad I'm not abnormal - my Mali is Sugar Lump (pronounced "jooger lump"), Sweetie Pie (pronounced "fweetie pie"), Mali by Golly, and of course Little S***! She answers to all! Wow, I feel better!
Jackie Smith
Marie, Reading this post has brought many smiles to my face seeing all the different nick names. Peanut is called sweet pea, sugar bear, mean-nut and meanness when he plays rough, nutterbutter peanut butter, sweet boy, flopsy mopsy when his hair hangs in his eyes, and trouble. My husband calls him peanutski rutski, and my son calls him archimetes and zeus. All I know is that this little 5 lb. bundle of fur with all his crazy antics which include zipping all over the house as fast as he can for no apparent reason, grabbing our pant legs and won't let go until we play with him, bark howls at noises outside, accompanies my son by singing as Jason plays the trumpet, and grabs on to our fingers when we come into the house and pulls us into the kitchen for a treat "since he was such a good boy and protected the house", is such a joy and loved by all of us.
Eva J.
I wasn't going to do this, but when I saw Kathy S.'s names for her Gizmo, I had to admit that my Gizmo is also Giz, Gizzy, Giz-mo-mo, Mo-Mo, Izzy Gizzy, Lully Boy (baby talk for Lovely Boy, of course!), and Roo-Roo. For Niki, it's Nik-Nik, Nik-a-doodle, Nika, Icki, Devil Girl, and Lully Girl. For both, it's always Sweetie, Little Darlin', and Cutie. P.S. I finally got their pictures to Jay and they're in the photo album now. Please take a look at my little devils/angels. Next time I may use a professional protographer - trying to make them sit still on the couch was a trip!!
Tricia R.
I didn't respond to this post when first I saw it because I thought I'd take a day and see how many different things I call Lucy and Carty. Most often Lucy is "princess bride" (my own little princess in her white "wedding dress'), peanutbutter, sweet pea, sweetie-pie, babycakes, Ms. PuppyGirl, and (when she deserves the name) Brat Girl or Lucy the Brat Girl. Carty is RARELY called Carty (I didn't name him and would NOT have called him Carty) so he really gets lots of nicknames. Most often Boo, BooBoy, Booper and Boozy. His "bad boy name" is Carty the Barker Boy (for obvious reasons). I am always amazed that these kids don't get confused with all the names--guess they just know love when they hear it!
cathy brown
OOOOOH! I feel so much BETTER! I have been harboring such guilt feelings over occasionally calling my 2 "Little S***" ! This slips out when they are having potty problems of course.. My sons (16 & 18 )think its horrible- they wanted to know if I called THEM that when THEY were having slip ups in the potty training routine ! Had to act like I was thinking about that one for a minute in front of them ..they were shocked..Then I laughed. Gotta keep 'em on thier toes you know..anyway there are many many more "Bicuit Butts", Fluff Butts, "My little Babies", " sweet-pea,Precious"and other disgusting names like that flying through the air (aimed at both my dogs and sons and oh yeah, my husband too)although I hope my husband will never answer to Biscuit Butt !
Misha a.k.a. "The Bunny", schmappy, schmappy pappy, schmappy pappy puppy, I think we got schmappy from happy, because she's soo happy all the time. I also call her precious, because she is soo. I also like angel because she is one. I think she gets a bit confused because I don't use her real name too often. Just the other day someone asked me why I named her schmappy :) !
Oh, I forgot we used to call her freckle-butt because she used to have freckles on her rear!
What is it about husbands and their nicknames for our babies?? I manage to call each of the kids by their given names, but my huband calls Sebastian -- Peanut, furball, monster, Sebastiani and with Sunny, he does this Barry White imitation voice and calls her "WOMAN". I don't know if its the voice or the nickname, but she really reacts to it and comes running every time!
Mary Ellen
Bailey and Buddy answer to Bailey Boo,Buddy Boy, Sweet Pea and Peanut!
Kathy S - that's just tooooo funny! I laughed so hard I cried when I read your post and then went around giggling to myself the rest of the day everytime I thought of it! People probably thought I was on laughing gas! Thanks for making my day!
OK. I call her my Puppydoodles, my little Sweetie Pup, and when she was smaller, my Wee One. I do adore my puppy cup, CJ (named for Caitlin and Joan, our friends who gave her to us since my husband said we couldn't say no to a 9 year old girl's request). Thanks for letting me tell everyone just how cute she is.
My nicknames for Chelsea are: Chelsea Bob (when she won't leave her hair up and look pretty), Witchie Poo (when she is doing one of her many rotten deeds), Chel Chel, Sweetie, Baby, and of course Fur ball.
HAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA... HAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA... HAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HAAAAAAAA HA... HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA... HEE HEE... HOA HOA... HEE HEE... and I thought I was out on a limb... You guys are something else!!! (P.S. I forgot "Rumfield" when Baxter is after a bug.)
Emma has her share of cutsie nicknames too- pumpkin, pumpkin head, little baby, little nose, silly goose, Emma-ma-ma
Hiya,Well we have soo many for our dogs. Sammy responds to Baby Sam,kaka dog, or peepee dog( after such). Missy goes by Missy Kissy or Gizmo cause she looks like a gremlin. Hyper dog for when she thinks shes in a race. There are soo many to put!! What a cute topic!
Mike, SAmmy, Missy
Hi Marie! We have dozens of nicknames for our 3 babies. Bianca's are: pumpkin, baby, boo-boo, inky binky, and several others. BriAnna's are: poochy, boo ball, nutball, silly, and several other's. Carissa's are: munchkin, crissi, angel, babygirl, and several others. I LOVE the one you use for Rudy - Rudy-Tutti Fresh & Fruity. That is such a sweet nickname. This was a great topic. Lots of fun. Take Care!
What fun! After reading all of those I have to say that Avery's names are usually sugar bear, booger bear, silly stinker and precious peanut. I don't know why we come up with these crazy things! My parents and siblings call her "rat-dog." But they really love her!
I love this "conversation!! I call Ellie several names: Ellie Britt, when she's about to get in trouble; Ellie most of the time; Ellie Belly shen we're playing and sometimes she gets called a Little Sh**! My favorite is when she's acting a bit haughty...then I call her Eleanor Brigitte! (Her AKC name is Ellie Britt)
This is just what I needed this morning, really made me laugh. My fur baby's name is Noah's Ark Two by Two. We just call him Noah and an variety of other names (fuzz nuts, nut case, mommy's love etc.). I have also made up a little song to his name. My kids laugh like crazy when I sing but Noah loves it. Well here goes, Noah's Ark Two by Two mommy loves you yes I do! While I am singing to him he just sits there and cocks his head from side to side, when I am finished he jumps into my arms and gives me kisses. This is usually our goodnight and our good morning routine. Crazy yes, who cares. I just love my little fur baby.
Linda G
My dog's "Official" name is Sweetey-Petey Sweeney-Pratt, but his called-by name is Petey. As far as nicknames- the one I use most is Petesy-Pie- sung to the tune of Spiderman. You know, "Petesy-Pie," "Petesy-Pie"- in fact, I use that one more than just Petey. We also call him Petester, You little BRAT!, Petesey, and Petes. My room-mate calls him Pizza-Pizza (like the Little Caesar's commercial),Pizza, Petey-Pie, Little Rascal.I could go on and on. These posts really cracked me up, especially the "homo" one... I love this place!
Renee' Sweeney
Okay, no that I know that a lot of call yours "Little Sh--!", I will confess that I call Buddy "The Peeing Machine!" What a great topic!
And i thought i was the only one who called my baby funny names. After i have read thru all the nicknames i'm surprised no one has used poopsie. that is my all time favorite for my precious baby. I rarely ever call him by his real name, NiNi, only when he's in major trouble. Others are: poopsie woopsie, precious, baby, pumpkin, psychodog (after his baths), stinky and many more but i just can't remember them all. Oh yeah my boyfriends all time favorite for my baby is f****t (a bundly of sticks) because I like to put a bow in his hair.The sad part is that my poopsie always responds to that horrible nickname.
Linda P.
This is such a great topic. My Teddy gets called Teddy Bear, Tedlina, Tedefofo, Wide load, Fluffy butt and many more. My other maltese Yogi gets called Yoda, Putter scooter fresh and fuiter. These name is similar to your Fresh & Fruity name. I always tell my husband that it sound like a I-Hop breakfast. I also refer to him as Poocoo, Little Pooter Head, Etc. Great topic.

What a great post!! We call our Shelby goofy names like Shelbira and Shelbina. Nikki is Knickers, Nick Knack Paddy Wack, and Nik Nik.
Sandy (Shelby & Nikki)
We are SICK sick SICK people, indeed!!!!! And we're all in good company!
Lucas has only earned one nickname... Baby Cujo..., but of course I say it with all the love I have for him...
My mommy and daddy call me "dingle berry" sometimes. Don't know why.
Oh good, I'm so glad I'm not the only one talking to our little stinker butt this way. Seems there are quite a few out there.My favorite for our little boy is pumpkin butt. Of course he answers to sweetie, sweetheart, momma's boy, honey and turd bucket. (this last one is when he has been a bit naughty).
My dog's name is Mark Anthony Ceasar. I call him MAC for short. I don't call him any funny names or any nasty names either. Just MAC. MAC when he's good, and MAC when he's bad.

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