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by Renee
food To Everyone !DO NOT feed 'NUTRO' to your Maltese's..it does'not agree with them.. makes them vomity ! I have 15 of'm and I know ! I like to feed Pro-Plan or Sensible Choice, Eukanube is highly over-rated, and they are using by-product ( heads, feet , feathers beaks etc...YUK ! )


Breeders I talked to recommended Eukanuba puppy food (small bites) because it caused less digestive stress when changing puppies from one food to another when taking them home. Vet thought it was ok too. So go figure. Another opinion worth less than two cents.
suzy Q.

I was very surprised to see your comment about Nutro. We've been using the Nutro Mini Bites for our dogs for some time, because they seem to prefer it. Your message will make us take a second, closer look. Thanks for the input.

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